Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, March 3, 2021

One of our speaker today, Chris Cotton, LITE (Living In Transition Effectively)
One of our speaker today, Tammy Cotton, LITE (Living In Transition Effectively)
Warsaw Community High School, Students of the Week
Warsaw Community High School Students of the Week & Parents
Warsaw Area Career Center Students of the Week
Warsaw Area Career Center Students of the Week and Parents
Sergeant Jennifer Lucht asked Sam Whitaker “five questions”


Presiding – Mitch Goon

Greeter – Luke Becknell

Attendance – 82 both in person and via Zoom

Invocation – David Haines

Greeter – Luke Becknell


  • Oratorical Contests – March 28 1-4pm – Jeff Owens
  • Community Quiz Bowl postponed until 9/14 – George Brennan heading up our 2 teams. Contact George to participate.
  • Golden Glo Fundraiser – May 1st presale tickets will be available to sell next week
  • Cruise In Car Show – May 16th
  • Veterans – email your Service photo and a current photo to Alan Lucht for our Memorial Day program (ajlucht68@yahoo.com or call 574-527-1060 for questions)

Students of the Week – WCHS/WACC – Troy Akers. Warsaw Area Career  Center (WACC) students and WCHS students were recognized.(Next Week – Lakeview Middle School).                                     

Birthdays – Scott Wiley 2/28; Mark Caruso 3/4

Membership – 3rd reading – Jessica Shaw (Andy Swihart sponsor); 3rd Reading – Timothy Chickering (Sponsor                  )


50/50 –  $30.50 to Paul Finley

Program  – LITE (Living In Transition Effectively) – Chris & Tammy Cotton.

Living in Transition Effectively, (LITE) the new jail ministry program expected to launch this spring, will be aimed at reducing recidivism rates and preparing inmates for re-entry into society. 

LITE Coordinator Tammy Cotton and her husband, Chris, came up with the idea for the program after their daughter was incarcerated for a year and a half at the Kosciusko County Jail. 

“She would call home and share with us how sad it was to see women, time and time again, released and then a month — or even a week — later, they would be back in jail,” Tammy Cotton said. “Many times she would hear them say that they feel safer there, or they have nowhere else to go.”

Cotton said this inspired her to begin researching how other counties throughout the state are addressing this issue. 

The Cottons attended an event in Goshen called “Loving Your Incarcerated Neighbor” where they learned about classes and programs being offered in Elkhart County.

Cotton was aware of the Jail Chemical Addiction Program (JCAP) being offered at Kosciusko County Jail for inmates with addiction issues. 

“It has been beneficial in changing the mindset of our community,” Cotton said of JCAP. “Its success is proving the importance of preparing those who are incarcerated for their release.”

Sergeants at Arms –

Next Week’s Program – STRE.ME – Business Startup – Jack Patton

Positive Message – “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”  Joyce Meyers