Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, June 3, 2020

Today’s program, Luke Fonseca, Language Matters
Induction of Todd Davis, by Jurgen Voss
Happy Birthday to the one and only Bill Landrigan!

Invocation – Layne Sumner

Attendance – 40 in person, 24 via Zoom

Greeter – Rick Swaim 

Guests – Luke Fonseca, Bethany Fonseca, Sally Scott, Todd Davis

Program – Language Matters – Luke Fonseca, Language Matters was co founded by brothers Lucas and Arturo Fonseca Arriagada. Both brothers graduated from Grace College & Theological Seminary with Bachelor’s degrees in Entrepreneurial Management. Language Matters started providing online tutoring services to countries in Latin America and it has grown to offer a variety of language services both locally and internationally. Language Matters’ services include tutoring, translation and interpretation. 

One of the core beliefs of the group is that cultural diversity is key to expanding horizons in our society, and we work to expand horizons through our contribution to the language-learning process and communication. This mission is to develop a successful learning environment that will grow their students and to provide language services for more effective communication to benefit society at large.

The methods used allow Language Matters to not only teach the language, but to integrate it as a useful skill into the daily life of the student. This way we can be sure to teach what is considered necessary to manage social and professional spheres.

Membership – Sally Scott-2nd reading

Induction – Todd Davis, Todd was inducted by Jurgen Voss.

Birthdays – Bill Landrigan, Bill sang his own birthday song.

Sergeants – Austin Donovan stepped in for the absent sergeants to fine those working from home that wore shorts and sandals to the club meeting

Video – An animal video was shown to lighten the mood

Program next week – Cataract Surgery, Dr. Matt Ralstin

Optimistic quote – “Optimist: Someone who travels on nothing from nowhere to happiness” Mark Twain