Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, June 15, 2022

Todd Zeiger with Indiana Landmarks was one of our speakers
David Kolbe updated us on the situation in Ukraine

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Presiding – Jim Smith

Attendance – 60

Invocation – Ben Snyder

Greeters – Jeff Owens and Ron Chambers

Guests – David Schmidt, Eden Farwell,


Birthdays – Kris Williams (13th), Michael Hawkins (16th) and Scott Clay (17th)

50/50 – $43 to David Haines

Program – Todd Zeiger with Indiana Landmarks.

Indiana Landmarks saves buildings because they stir us. They’re inspiring examples of Hoosier art and spirit, ingenuity and craft. They heighten our sense of place and connect us through the generations. They help us remember what’s important in our lives.

We save buildings people will use and enjoy today, adapting vintage places rather than throwing them away, to keep connections to the past and to spare the landfills. We believe that, like hard work and hospitality, revitalization is a real Hoosier value.

We save buildings because restored landmarks are economic drivers. They improve property values, promote tourism, and inject vitality into neighborhoods and business districts. They create and support local jobs. Their distinctiveness attracts the workforce of the future.

Perhaps most importantly, we save buildings because they’re the places that draw us in and hold us fast. They’re the buildings among which we live, work, explore, and pass on what we’ve learned.

Saving places. It’s our passion and our purpose. If it matters to you and your community, it matters to Indiana Landmarks.

Program – David Kolbe, David gave us an update on the War in Ukraine, we received a lesson on the history of Ukraine and Russia. There is a long history of control by Russia and independence of Ukraine.

Next Week’s Program – We will be filling bags for the upcoming triathlon

Positive quote for the day – “you can have it all, just not all at once”-Oprah

Volunteer Sign Up for Triathlonhttps://vmodcui.active.com/responsive/eventGroups/2144434/jobs