Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, July 22, 2020

Heidi Blake, Kosciusko Tobacco Free Coalition, was our speaker.
Greg Velazquez, sponsored by Travis McConnell, was inducted into the club.
Sergeants Luke Becknell, Joel Wihebrink and Chris Williams harassed members for various reasons.

Presiding – Pam Galloway

Attendance – 39 in person, 25 via zoom

Invocation – Bill Landrigran

Greeter – Charlie Wagner

Guests – Angela Hugo & Chantelle Droun

Announcements – Golf outing coming up in September

50/50 – $27 to David Haines

Program –  Tobacco Free Coalition, Heidi Blake.  Our mission is to improve the health of Hoosiers in Kosciusko County and reduce the disease and economic burden that tobacco use can place on Kosciusko County residents of all ages.  One focus of the group is to help youth avoid and quit smoking.  There is also a program to reduce prenatal smoking.  The companies that produce “E-Cigarettes” or Vaping are experiencing more regulation, however Vaping is very popular, especially among the youth.  

Membership – Angie Hugo First Reading, Sponsor, Pam Galloway;

Induction of Greg Velazquez, Sponsor, Travis McConnell

Birthdays – Jason Gergely

Sergeants – Members were charged a dollar for various reasons, happy dollars were given for member celebrations.

Program next week – Aiming Toward College LLC-Arturo Fonseca

Optimistic quote – “The measure of mental health is the disposition to find good everywhere.” Ralph Waldo Emerson