Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, July 15, 2020

Bill Katip, President of Grace College was our speaker today.
New member Bill McCarrick, sponsored by Ron Donkers, was inducted by Joel Wihebrink.

Presiding – Pam Galloway

Attendance – 40 in person, 24 via Zoom

Greeters – George Brennan and Rick Swaim

Guests – Bill McGarrick & Nikki Waltz

50-50 Winner –  Ot Schroeder $23.00


Mask policy – Masks are “strongly recommended” for members as they attend our weekly meetings

Fall displays – Members will be needed to make phone calls to prospective customers around the first of August.

Prom – Trace Hansen headed up a team that put on a Prom for area high school students.  Ninety students and ten club members attended.

Membership drive – The club is establishing a membership drive, Pam is offering cookies as an incentive for members to bring in new members.

Program – Dr. Bill Katip, Grace College President, gave an update on the impact of COVID 19 on Grace. New student enrollment is up this year from last.

Induction of new members – Bill McCarrick, Sponsor, Ron Donkers, by past president, Joel Wihebrink

Birthdays – Cory Benz, Jerry Clevenger

Sergeants – Joel Wihebrink harassed and fined various members for various dubious reasons.

Program next week – Kosciusko Tobacco Free Coalition, Heidi Blake

Optimistic quote – “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.”

Albert Einstein

Have an optimistic week!