Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, January 29, 2020

Lyn Criton, Executive Director, The Watershed Foundation
What you can do to improve our lakes and streams.

Presiding – Pam Galloway 

Greeters – Kevin Weaver, Jason Gergley

Invocation – Bill Landrigan

Announcements – 

     *Club elections upcoming

     *Tri Star Basketball – February 23, 2020 Baker’s Youth Club, 1:30 pm, Sunday afternoon

     *Optimist Essay and Oratorical Contests are upcoming.  See Shari Benyouski for more information

50 – 50 Winner – $53.00 Adam Heckaman

Program – Lyn Criton, Executive Director, The Watershed Foundation (TWF).  Lake and river water quality pollution problems and their solutions begin on the land, and this is where TWF focuses their efforts. Runoff carries pollutants into the nearest waterway – and these pollutants continue to flow downstream. Such pollutants include sediments, nutrients, bacteria, pesticides, toxic metals, and exotic invasive species.

These inputs are harming our lakes. The symptoms we see today include algae blooms, invasive weeds, muddy water, bacteria, nuisance swans and geese, and the decline of fisheries. When these stressors combine, lakes lose oxygen and slowly fill in from decaying matter, essentially killing the lake.

The Watershed Foundation works with partners to implement studies and pollution reduction projects. TWF focuses on stopping pollution at its source (on the land) before it reaches our waters. TWF spends a lot of time locating problem areas and then talking to landowners about ways to protect our water quality.

TWF will continue to monitor and improve the lakes in Kosciusko County.

Sheriff’s Report – Bill Landrigan, Bill reported on various members and updated the club on their attendance.  

Optimist of the Month – Jim Hayes

Check Presentation – Tracy Furnival, $4000.00 donation to Baker’s Youth Club.

Sergeants – There was a “scooter cycle” race conducted by the sergeants, Jeff Owens and Brian Baccula were the participants.  Happy dollars were donated for member celebrations.

Next week’s program – Polywood Industries

Jim Hayes, Optimist of the Month
Tracy Furnival, Baker’s Youth Club, Check Presentation