Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, December 4, 2019

Tyler Bouse, Mentone, Indiana Hog Farmer
Doug Ogle and Senior representatives of the WCHS Men’s Basketball Team

Pam Galloway – Presiding

Attendance – 87 

Greeters – Ken Anderson, Doug Blatz

Guests – Bill Cook, Don Parker, Jim Tague, Doug Ogle, Connor Lennox, Jaylen Coon, Keagan Larsh, Wyatt Amis, Blake Marsh

50 – 50 Winner – $40.50 Chris Williams – Donated the money back to the club.

WCHS Men’s Basketball Coach Doug Ogle – Brought the Senior Men’s Basketball Team members.

Program – Tyler Bouse, along with Missy, his wife, operate a Mentone, Indiana hog farm. Bouse Farms provide meat for Indiana Kitchen.  They run 60,000 hogs each year.  There are 4,000 hogs per barn.  The process to produce pork is six months from piglet to finish. Tyler shared two videos highlighting the family hog operation.  He shared the cautions related to the concern with Asian Swine Flu.  

Santa House – begins this Friday.  Thursday morning the Santa House will be moved to Center Lake park.

Induction – Kevin Stone, Kevin was inducted by John Sullivan, sponsor, David Haines. 

Birthdays – Austin Donovan, Mike Metzger, Larry Tucker

Optimist of the Month – Joel Wiehbrink.

Sergeants – Members told stories about their Thanksgiving experiences.  Happy dollars were given for personal celebrations.

Next Week’s Program – Kosciusko County Development Corporation, featuring Optimist member Alan Tio.

Induction of new member, Kevin Stone
Joel Wiehbrink, Optimist of the Month for November
Birthdays, Larry Tucker & Austin Donovan