Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, December 2, 2020

Jim Tague spoke today, presented the Immensity of the Universe
Happy Birthday to Jim Hayes and Rick Swaim
Aaron Klein began the process to become a member of the club today.

Presiding – Mitch Goon

Attendance – 36 in person, 22 via Zoom

Invocation –   Aaron Klein

Greeters – Tom Tearney

Announcements –       

    *Salvation Army – Bell Ringing Recap – Stories were told of the experiences during Bell Ringing

    *Santa House – Daren Maierle

    *White Elephant Auction Dec 30

    *Meeting place December 23, 2020 – March 31, 2021 – 2517

    *We will be collecting money for the scholarship fund the next two weeks in memory of Millie Andrews.

    *There will also be a collection for the Penguin Point servers that have taken care of us all year.

50/50 – $28.00 Darren Maierjle

Membership – Aaron Klein had his first reading, sponsored by Travis McConnell

Birthdays –   Troy Tom 12/1; Stu Wysong 12/3; Mike Metzger 12/4; Larry Tucker 12/4; Rick Swaim 12/5; Jim Hayes 12/5

Program – Jim Tague – “The Immensity of the Universe”,Jim shared with us the details and complexity of the universe.

Sergeants – Bob Jackson & Jenny Lucht had various trivia questions to ask people, if answered incorrectly there was a $1.00 fine if questions were answered incorrectly.

Next Week Program –  Kosciusko County Health – Teresa Reed

Positive Message –  “Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.” ~  Lou Holtz