Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, December 16, 2020

Happy Birthday to Ryan Fischer and Todd Davis.
Check presentation to Baker’s Youth Club for their Christmas Party.

Presiding – Mitch Goon

Attendance – 38 in person, 21 via Zoom

Invocation –   Brooke Hamstra via Zoom

Greeter – Ron Chambers


     – In memoriam of Millie Andrews to scholarship fund – today

     – Freewill offering for the Black Tie Catering helpers – today

     – Santa House – Daren Maierle

    – White Elephant Auction Dec 30

    – Check – Baker Youth Club -$1,000 for Christmas Gifts

    – Marv Miller – American Church Group of Indiana $400 Gift to Club          

    – We will collect in memoriam of Judge David Cates January 6 & January 13

    – We will try a Nelson Golden Glo fundraiser – Charlie Wagner is heading up a committee

Birthdays –    Larry Bishop December15; Michele Bickel December17; Kevin Weaver December 17

Membership – Aaron Klein, Travis McConnell, sponsor – 3rd Reading

Casey Jones via Zoom – ACRES Land Trust

Program –  Casey Jones via Zoom – ACRES Land Trust, ACRES Land Trust owns and protects natural and working lands, inspiring people to value, appreciate and support these places, for the benefit of all — today and forever.

ACRES founders were instrumental in creating the Indiana Nature Preserve Act (1967), legislation that protects natural areas throughout Indiana.  For 32 years, ACRES was an all-volunteer organization until it hired its first executive director, Carolyn McNagny, in 1992.

Today, ACRES serves 27 counties across northeast Indiana, northern Ohio and southern Michigan with eight full-time staff members. Volunteers are still vital to ACRES’ work protecting and managing the preserves and supporting communities in celebrating their beloved natural areas.

Each preserve holds countless untold stories – from the land itself and from the people who love it. ACRES’ archives protect a range of historic information and ephemera from the ages. You can see some of these stories in our social media, our members-only Quarterly and in our email newsletter.

Today, thanks to ACRES founders, members and supporters, you can visit the preserves and become a member, adding your story to this rich, living history!

Sergeants at Arms – Memories of Millie Andrews and David Cates were shared.

Next Week Program –  Optimist Signers Christmas program 

Positive Message –  “No Man is a Failure who has Friends.” Clarence (It’s a Wonderful Life)