Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, December 11, 2019

Alan Tio, Director, KEDCO
Bob Bishop, Thank you for donating 4000 Corn Stalks for Fall Displays

Presiding – Pam Galloway

Greeters – Jeff Owens & Alan Tio

Attendance – 96

Guests – Bob Bishop, Kensie Ryman Brielle Harrison, Kaylee Patton, Bailie Stephens, Kacilyn Dyros, Lenny Krebs, Sydnee Evett, Cora West, Abby Sanner, Kendall Wayne,

Committee Reports –

  • Fall Displays – Bob Bishop, provided 4000 corn stalks for the Fall Displays.
  • Bell Ringers – John Sullivan offered the opportunity for two people to ring bells for this weekend
  • Santa House – Successful first week, good attendance on Friday night.

Invocation – Ken Anderson

WCHS Girl’s Basketball Team – Coach Krebs and WCHS Women’s 

50 – 50 – $45.00 to Andy Shepherd

Jeff Owens – Made a presentation about how to reorganize the “information” for our Breakfast Optimist.  Brittany Lyon has agreed to serve as Chief Information Officer (CIO). Ron Donkers shared a story about the need to organize our activities, such as Fall Displays, Car Show, Triathlon and Golf Outing.

Birthdays – George Brennan, Jim Hayes, Rick Swaim, Rev. Ryan Fisher and Jason Zaugg

Sheriff’s Report – Bill Landrigran

Program – Alan Tio, Director of Kosciusko County Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO).  Alan spoke about what Kosciusko County needs to do to be successful.  KEDCO is helping to “bring people together” to help retain and recruit talent for our community’s small and large companies.  The mindset of KEDCO is to help “bring people together and together we solve problems and develop solutions”.

The focus for KEDCO is:

  • Agribusiness, Medical Device & Recreation along with Entrepreneurship, Placemaking & Talent Recruitment.
  • Bring people together, Build capacity to solve problems, Tell our story.

Quotes from Chuck Surack

  • Attitude: There is always a way. Anything is possible. Never give up
  • Customer Service: 100%, not 99%.  Good enough is not good enough
  • Team: Be a “Super Bowl” team – You win every year.


Rick Swaim, Jim Hayes, George Brennan, Birthdays for the Week
WCHS Women’s Basketball Team