Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, August 5, 2020

Our own Jason Rich, home brewer, was our speaker.
Jeff Owens, Optimist of the Month!
Sergeant Chris Williams watching Luke harass Adam.
Sergeant Luke Becknell harassing Adam Heckaman
Happy birthday to Greg Velazquez

Pam Galloway – Presiding

Attendance – 40 in person, 26 via zoom 

Guests – Ella Hansen
      – Quiz Bowl – Tuesday, Aug 25, 7:00 pm, Virtual event
      – Fall displays – Right now need people to make phone calls to take orders
      – Golf Outing, Monday, September 14
50/50 Drawing – $19 / Winner, Ron Chambers
Program – Home Brewing, Dr. Jason Rich – There are 116 different styles of beer. There are 1.1 million home brewers in the U.S.  1.4 million barrels of beer home brewed each year. He has established a local brew club entitled, Kettleheads.

2nd reading; Matt Guy, Sponsor, Ron Donkers
Optimist of the Month – Jeff Owens
Birthdays – Greg Velazquez, Jill Boggs
Sergeants – Members were fined for various bogus charges.
Program next week – Solar Energy Systems – Andrew Staffelbach
Optimistic quote – 
“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” Oscar Wilde