Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, August 28, 2019

Greeters Alan and Jennifer Lucht, greeting Kyle Dukes
Induction of Alan Tio, also pictured Ot Schroder and Rick Swaim

Rob Bishop Presiding

Greeters – Alan and Jennifer Lucht

Guests –  Paul Dillon

Membership – Everett Newman third reading; Tom Tierney third reading; 

Induction – Alan Tio was inducted, sponsor Rick Swaim

Birthdays – Bill Crane, 


    *Santa House – Repairs are almost completed

    *Golf Outing – Still need door prizes, members can contribute $10 to be used to purchase a door prize

    *Fall Displays – We have 65 orders at this point and would like to be at 200.  Go online to WarsawOptimist.org/shop to order your Fall Display.

50 – 50 – Randy Polston $46.00

Sergeants – Many happy dollars were given for various personal reasons.

OrthoWorx – Nichole S. Rouached spoke about the OrthoWorx diversity committee.  Their ultimate goal is to help residents and visitors of Warsaw and the surrounding areas to feel welcome and included. They are focusing on identifying additional activities and events already taking place in Kosciusko County.

Nichole S. Rouached, OrthoWorx
Birthdays Bill Crane &
Sam Whitaker, song leader Dr. David Haines