Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, August 26, 2020

Dan Davis, Women’s Basketball Coach for Grace College was our speaker.
Dave Crissi had his first reading toward being a new member.
Shannon Jenks was inducted as a new member.

Presiding – Pam Galloway

Attendance – 42 in person 20 via Zoom

Greeter – Travis McConnell

Invocation – Dr. David Haines

Guests – Shannon Jenks, Dave Crissi

Announcements – Need someone to help to watch for “hole in one” for golf outing.

50/50 – $27.00 to Bill Landrigan

Program – Grace Women’s Basketball,  Coach Dan Davis.  Building the culture and relationships is key to building a successful program. 

Induction – Shannon Jenks, Sponsor, Jeff Servies

Membership – Dave Crissi, Sponsor, Kris Williams 1st reading

Optimist of the Month – Rick Swaim
(NOTES: From a fellow member):  Rick is our Optibullette scribe, Photographer, Board Member, and Leading Fall Display Fundraiser.   Meanwhile Rick is also the President of the Winona Town Council, and involved in many other civic activities.

Birthdays – Dr. Matt Ralstin

Sergeants – People were harrassed by the sergeants.

Program next week – African Missions, John Skeel

Optimistic Quote –  “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”  Thomas Jefferson