W E D N E S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 4 , 2 0 0 6

• • • I N F O R M A T I O N • • •
A half a hundred plus one recorded the attendance of Optimists
present at the first meeting of the new year. Guests Ryan
Brennan (George’s son), Deb Nayrocker (Craig’s wife), Everett
Nifong, and Erin Rowland were recognized. Greetings at the
doors were offered by Craig Nayrocker and Joe Wilkey. The
morning prayer was offered by Ed Nordstrom.
One “Birthdayee” for this week is Joe Sutton, but he was not
present. The Optimists missed an opportunity to practice the
birthday song.
Jon Lippe stated that this year’s “Students of the Week” will
begin on Wednesday, January 18.
New Member Chairman Bill Lawrence reported that Everett
Nifong and Joel Wihebring will be inducted next week. He also
gave the standing in the new member contest:Team 1 – 7 points;
Team 2 – 13; Team 3 – 9.
USPS first class stamp will increase two cents on January 8.
How many of you can remember when the total cost of a first
class stamp was two cents?
President Mary Ellen Jordan announced that when Secretary
Jim Jordan was completing the reports on our Club which is
required by OI each quarter, he discovered that during the first
quarter of the OI year, our Club had touched the lives of 2,000
kids in one way or another.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Dwight Kohler (Army)
Evan Mock (Navy)
Dr. Ryan Plank (Navy – Hawaii – orthopedic surgeon)
Jimmy Ray (Air Force)
Aaron Stahl (Marines).
Sgts. at Arms Bob Morrison, Jeff Owens, Jason Rich, and
Sam Whitaker gradually warmed up to their responsibility. All
members who were not present for the white elephant auction
last week were asked to stand so they could reach their billfolds
easier to pay a dollar fine. Past Distinguished President John
Elliott had to pay for Ohio State’s win. However, he had a university
flag to display, getting as much attention as possible.
Anyone who had a happy dollar from 2005 was asked to contribute.
Membership: 10/01/05:132
January 11 Luke Becknell – Revolutionary War/Saratoga
January 18 Gary Gerard – Times-Union
January 25 Loran/Linda Sims – Travels with Elderhostels
• • • I N S T R U C T I O N • • •
President Mary Ellen Jordan introduced Deb Nayrocker to
share some information concerning debt free living. The speaker
has published an award-winning book titled “The Art of Debt
Free Living.” She described some of her experiences she had
in looking for a publisher, getting some endorsements from
prominent people, securing a contract, and presenting her information
for the book in manuscript form. At the outset of her presentation,
she cited a couple of statistics which made her efforts
necessary and worthwhile. Since 1990 income for the median
American household increased 11%, but outstanding debt has
jumped to 80%. She commented on the fact that the year 2006
will see the first of the baby-boomers reach 60 years of age.
Nayrocker shared some of her experiences with interviews in
news outlets. Some of them differ because one might be interested
in the business angle, while others in lifestyle, etc. In one
of her handouts, the speaker listed ten do’s and don’ts. Several
mentioned were to leave credit cards at home because studies
have shown that shoppers spend 33-34% when they pay for
items with credit cards rather than cash. Do pay off outstanding
debts by prioritizing them, getting rid of debts with the highest
rate of interest. Don’t spend impulsively as it is discretionary
spending that often gets people into financial trouble. Question
and answers concluded the speaker’s discussion. Her book was
made available for purchase.
• • • I N S P I R A T I O N • • •
Now That You’ve Made Those Resolutions…
Your chances for successfully carrying out your New Year resolutions
are improved exponentially if you: