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Friend of Youth
Reporter R. Wayne Snider P.O. Box 691 Winona Lake, IN 46590
Website: https://www.warsawoptimist.org Email: info@warsawoptimist.org
• • • R E P O R T • • •
A double six recorded the attendance of Optimists at the
meeting this very foggy morning. The following guests were
introduced: Stacy Dumbacher of Fort Wayne, Chris
Foreman (just graduated from Marine basic training), and
Matt Foreman (grandson and son respectively of Past
Distinguished President Mike Foreman), Erin Meyer, who
resides in Fort Wayne, Lynn Wilkey (wife of Joe), and Steve
Yeager. The privilege of extending door greetings was given
to Nancy Boston and Theresa Railsback, with the invocation
offered by Past Distinguished President Ot Schroeder.
One “Birthdayee” for this week is Past President Juergen
Voss, who arrived late and received special “recognition.”
One other birthday which was honored was for Chris
Foreman. Song Leader Martin Becker fulfilled his role
exceedingly well.
President Ron Donkers reviewed the actions from January’s
board meeting: Jennifer Brumfield had to resign because of
scheduling conflicts and Past President Denny Andrews
was appointed; $500 donated to Cardinal Center’s Healthy
Families Program; President-elect Mary Ellen Jordan is in
charge of the Club’s Valentine Day banquet, which will be
held on Wednesday, February 16 at the Blue Lion in
Pierceton; Tri-Star Basketball Chairman Steve Hollar
reported that the competition will take place on Sunday,
January 23 with registration starting at 1:30 p.m. and the
skills beginning at 2:00 p.m.; and the District Convention
occurs on Saturday, January 29 with any interested in going
to contact President Donkers; and the February board meeting
is scheduled for Tuesday, February 15, 7:00 p.m. at the
Shrine Building.
Immediate Past President Jim Nesbitt observed that the
Winona Lake Optimist Club will hold the oratorical contest in
President Donkers presented Life Memberships to Jeff
Owens and himself. He announced that Craig Nayrocker
will co-chair the “Club Fun Raiser” with George Brennan. It
will be a field trip to the Kruse Foundation World War II
Museum in Auburn.
Essay Contest Chairman Bill Dalton revealed the topic for
this year is “The Power of One.”
New Member Chairman Jeff Owens needs some new applications.
Remember, guests eat free.
Thanks to Don Kenipe for his faithful attention in keeping the
attendance record!
Congratulations to Carolyn and Jim Walmer on the arrival
of their third grandson.
Membership: 09/30/04:129
Joe Wilkey, World Compassion Network, gave a few impressions
of his recent trip to Sri Lanka. He expressed concern
about how much all of the American contributions will go to
the ones intended to be assisted. He expressed an opinion
that donations should not be given to the United Nations.
He will present a fuller report at some future Wednesday.
Please pray for our Troops and Their Families:
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Chaplains: Captain Bill Graham (Army)
Major Mark Penfold (Army)
Major James Schaefer (Army-Afghanistan)
Captain Jeff Wirick (Army-Special Troops).
Sgts. at Arms Blake Miller and Joe Thallemer were really
flying high on a foggy morning. Many Optimists went home
with less money than they had when coming to the meeting.
Blake Miller spoke to a Lions Club at which Ed Nordstrom
was present, who fell asleep during Blake’s speech, so Ed
paid a fine. Donkers gave the wrong Life Membership to
Owens, and the price for the mistake was a fine. The Winona
Lake Town Board has raised the fee for boats. Everyone who
owns a boat was told to stand and pay up.
January 19 . . .Dan Coplen – Kosciusko County Historical Society
• • • R E P A S T • • •
Program Chairman Bill Dalton introduced Stacey
Dumbacher and Erin Meyer representing Junior
Achievement. Stacey is Program Director for Kosciusko and
Erin is JA’s Director of Development. Erin stated that both
Warsaw and Tippecanoe Valley Schools participate in JA.
When the speaker asked those Optimists who have been
involved to stand, he was surprised at the large number rising
to their feet.There are fourteen businesses in Warsaw
who share in JA. Life skills are learned about the American
free enterprise system, basic economic principles, skills and
attitudes which are necessary for the workforce. Over 2,700
local students in elementary, middle, and high school are in
the JA program. Meyer asked for volunteers and gifts. JA’s
address is Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana, 601
Noble Dr., Fort Wayne, 46825; phone – 260-484-2543; email-
emeyer@ani.org. The speaker stated that an endowment
has been established with the Kosciusko County
Foundation for contributions.
• • • R E F L E C T I O N • • •
“I can’t live within my income, because I can’t afford it”.
Have a Good Day, January, 2005