W E D N E S D A Y , A U G U S T 1 7 , 2 0 0 5Â

• • • R E P O R T • • •
An even sixty Optimists met in the Westminster Hall on Grace
College Campus in Winona Lake this morning. The following
guests were identified: Meghan Boston (Nancy’s daughter),
Rich Hays, Keith Gorman, David L. Goshert, Dan Miles, Tim
Smith, and Tonya Welsh. Greetings at the new door were
offered by Carol Rogers and Joe Sutton, with the morning
prayer given by Ed Nordstrom.
One “Birthdayee” for this week is Steve Wilson, who was
AWOL, so no song was sung.
We extend our condolences to John Teevan whose mother
passed away last Friday.
Directory Chairman Jim Hayes stated that ads are being collected
for the 2005-2006 Club directory. Also, all changes must
be handed in as soon as possible.
First Lady Pat Donkers explained the details for the picnic,
scheduled for Sunday, September 11. Activities begin at 2:00
p.m. at Bixler Park at $5 per person. Children under twelve are
Carmen Lock reported that ninety-one kids showed up for auditions,
and fifty–four were selected. Over 400 attended the
Missoula Children’s Theatre presentation of “The Jungle Book.”
Martin Becker would like all to attend the “Truth in Jazz” ensemble’s
concert Friday evening, August 19 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at
Warsaw Central Park Plaza.
Congratulations to Karen and Kent Kauffman on the arrival of
Reagan, born August 7th.
Art Gakstatter gave the last details of the Crusin’ Hoosiers Car,
Truck and Motorcycle Show, Saturday, August 20. This is a fundraiser
for Boys and Girls Club. He commended all who signed
up last week to assist in selling tickets, collecting money, parking,
etc. Others will be welcomed as the event gets underway
shortly after noon.
Gakstatter also reported that Fred Nieter has volunteered to
paint the Santa House.
President Ron Donkers offered some happenings from the
recently completed North Indiana District. Lt. Gov. Dennis
Reeve will be the Governor-elect, President Donkers will
become the Lt. Gov., and the North Indiana District is Number 1
in growth in the nation!
Have you marked Thursday, September 29 on your calendar
for the Club’s installation banquet at Bogey’s Rozella Ford Golf
Course? No regular meeting will be on Wednesday, September
President Donkers read a thank-you note from Kristi Geiger,
who spoke to our Club on August 3, commending us for our commitment
to youth. She is with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
Membership: 09/30/04:129
Secretary Jason Rich, filling in for New Member Chairman
Jeff Owens, gave the first reading of Dan Miles’; second of
Tonya Welsh’s, and third of Keith Gorman’s applications for
membership. Dan, Tonya, and Keith respectively have been
invited to join by Jeff Owens, Nancy Boston, and Jeff Owens.
Please pray for our Troops and Their Families:
Jacob Gilmer (Army Ranger)
Mark Hoppus (Navy)
Bill Lovelace (Marines-White House Security)
Steve Slaughter (Air Force-pilot training).
NOTE: One whom we have been praying for is Capt. Gregory
Keele (Warsaw). He has been home for two weeks and will be
returning to Iraq where he is training Iraqi soldiers. He has
expressed gratitude for our prayers. He needs them as he
August 24………..John Siesnop – Laugh and Live
September 31….Steve Jungbauer – CEO of YMCA
• • • R E P A S T • • •
President Donkers introduced Tim Smith to share some information
on identify theft. With him was Rich Hays, with KC
Online. Smith stated that two years ago he came to the conclusion
that identity theft would become an extensive problem. All
of his presentation reinforced his conclusion. The problem has
grown to a major extent because it is easy and there is little risk
of being caught. There are 40,000,000 credit cards that are
hacked each year. Everyone is at risk; one in four families is a
victim of ID theft. Most of the major magazines have had cover
stories. The five forms of ID theft include medical, driver’s
license, social security, character, and financial. Once a person
has experienced ID theft, he is most likely to be hit again. Both
Tim Smith and Rich Hays stressed the need to have on-going
daily monitoring. Such a watch will provide in addition restoration
and access to legal assistance. Hays explained that “some
sort of early warning system is vital.”
• • • R E F L E C T I O N • • •
“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will
annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”
— Have a Good Day, August 2005