Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012

01/11 Doris Thompson – Disney

01/18 Carol Ousley – KREMC

01/25 David Floyd – CEO Orthoworx

02/01 Dave Wolkins – Statehouse news

02/04 Tri-Star Basketball

02/08 Jim Reeve – Roy Rogers

02/08 Valentine’s Banquet

02/11 Tri-Star Basketball regional

02/15 Joe Thallemer – State of the City

02/24 Oratorical contest

05/20 Car Show

06/07 Golf Outing at Stonehenge

06/23 Triathlon 

Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012

85 Optimists & 8 guests attended our meeting.  Dan Metzger was the guest of Scott Whitaker; Staci Young was the guest of John Sullivan; Scott Michaels & Will Dawson were the guests of Rick Kerlin; David Bailey & Amanda Scroggs were the guests of Ot Schroeder; Ron Henry was the guest of Fred Nieter; & Past Gov. Gregg Palmer was the guest of Jim Reeve.

Door Greeters:  Lyle Enyeart & John Elliott.

Prayer was offered by Dr. David Haines. 

Pledge was given to the American Flag.  Promise yourself was said in unison.

Birthday Honoree:  Judge Joe Sutton.  Martin Becker led us in the birthday song with our usual results.

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Membership:  Lt. Gov. Sam Whitaker read Yolanda Hedington’s & Dan Metzger’s applications.  Past Pres. Max Mock inducted Ryan Harper.  Jane Wear sponsored Yolanda & Scott Whitaker sponsored Ryan & Dan.

Sheriff of AttendanceBill Landrigan & Harry Gigous brought in Mark SkibowskiJim WalmerMichael Gavin, & Aaron Rovenstine.

Car Show:  Past Pres. John Elliott held a meeting about our Car Show this morning.  The show will be Sunday, May 20th.  He reminded us that we were going to each buy a $25 plaque for participants instead of selling Christmas Trees.  We all need to see if our employers can donate at the $100 or higher level. Please tell John about any Car Clubs that you know of within 100 miles of Warsaw. 

Everett Nifong announced that our Golf Outing will be June 7th

Past Gov. Ron Donkers announced that registration is now open for our Triathlon.

Our Triathlon, like always, will be the FOURTH Saturday in June.  This year it is June 23rd

Chris Wiggins announced Tri-Star Basketball will be at Baker Youth Club.  Our event is Feb. 4th & we are hosting the regional on Feb. 11th.  Help is needed for both Saturdays.

Pres.-Elect Tracy Furnivall announced our Valentine’s Banquet will be Feb. 8th.

Past Pres. Jeff Owens announced the theme of our Oratorical Contest will be, “How my optimism helps me overcome obstacles.”  Our event will be Feb. 24.  Thanks go to Zimmer for letting us use their building.  Deb Miller is co-chairing our contest.  We need to invite our Students of the Week to participate.  Applications will be on our website:

Chris Wiggins presented Staci Young from Warsaw Parks & Recreation a $300 check for the Family Carnival.

Past Lt. Gov. Ot Schroeder presented a check for $2000 to Amanda ScroggsDavid BaileyTroy Akers,George BrennanJohn TeevanTroy Furnivall, & Andy Swihart for Kosciusko County Education Development’s success with at-risk students. 

Andy Swihart reminded us of the upcoming Bowling for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Every bowler needs to raise $100.  Each team has 5 bowlers.  Contact Pres. John Sullivan if you are interested.  The event is in March.   

Please pray for our Troops and Families:  

Ret Charles Card – Army Veterans Affairs – Chaplain

Sergeants-at-Arms:  Jim Nesbitt & Luke Becknell entertained us.  Past Pres. George Brennan is celebrating his new grandson, who was born Monday.  Judge Joe Sutton was recognized for clean living. However Coach Jim Kessler was recognized for the heartburn some got watching the close game last night.  Dr. Sandy Engelberth was featured in the paper receiving an Owens donation, for their Christmas Tree sales, from Charles Neuwirth.  Twenty-five years ago Dr. Charles Hollar saw Dr. Steve “Rade” Hollarin the movie “Hoosiers” 9 times.  Trina Hoy invited us to “WK Chamber Unplugged,” the Chamber of Commerce’s awards banquet.   We noticed Ohio State’s “results.”   

50/50:  Dr. David Haines sat at a different table & won $24 minus fines.

Program:  Scott Michaels & Will Dawson gave us a glimpse of the exiting not-for-profit future of ourWagon Wheel.  In addition to  professional productions they will do more workshops for kids.