Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012

 Future Dates 

02/08 Valentine’s Banquet

02/11 Tri-Star Basketball regional

02/15 Joe Thallemer – State of the City

02/22 planning for Golf Outing

02/24 Oratorical contest

05/20 Car Show

06/07 Golf Outing at Stonehenge

06/23 Triathlon


Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012

82 Optimists & 6 guests attended our meeting.  Noel Hoke was the guest of Luke Becknell; Andrew O’Connell was the guest of George Brennan; Reinhold Fussle was the guest of Jon Fussle; Alan Alderfer & Mike Bergen were the guests of Rick Kerlin; & Dani Barkey was the guest of Tracy Horrell.  Door Greeters:Ann Sweet & Trace Hansen.   Prayer was offered by Tracy Furnivall.  Pledge was given to the American Flag.  Promise yourself was said in unison.  Birthday Honorees:  Lyle Enyeart, Brendan Sullivan, & Kana Voss.  Martin Becker led us in the birthday song with great results!


            >>>> INFORMATION

Membership:  Lt. Gov. Sam Whitaker read Noel Hoke’s application.  Luke Becknell sponsored Noel.


Sheriff of AttendanceBill Landrigan greeted Tony Ciriello & Greg Kralis


May 20th Car Show:  Past Pres. John Elliott & John Teevan reminded us that we as club members were going to each buy a $25 plaque for participants.  Please give your $25 to John Teevan.  On the other hand, we are asking businesses to sponsor at the $100, $200, or $500 levels.  Please clear your calendar on May 20th so you can help.  Contact John Elliott to work on a committee.  


Everett Nifong announced that our Golf Outing will be June 7th at Stonehenge.  All are invited to a kick off meeting at 5:15pm on 2/22 at Jerry Clevenger’s Insurance office. 


Past Pres. Bob Jackson thanked those who worked Tri-Star Basketball last Saturday.  We are hosting the regional at Baker Youth Club from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Feb. 11th.  Help is needed. 


Pres.-Elect Tracy Furnivall announced our Valentine’s Banquet will be 6:30 p.m. Feb. 8th at the Shrine Building.  Cost is $20 per person.  Our Optimist Singerswill perform.


Deb Miller reminded us of our Feb. 24th Oratorical Contest.  We need 4 more helpers.


Jim Hayes announced our Club Directories are out.  Thanks go to Dr. Jason RichJim HayesTrina Hoy, & Allegra.


Bart Templeton is looking for greeters.  Please see him to volunteer.


Tracy Horrell introduced our own Dr. Jon Lippe & Dani Barkey who introduced us to our Students of the Week from Lakeland Middle School:  Lucas ConeEthan CookBrynn DureckiShelby PerrySydney PeughBrendan SullivanRobert SullivanCourtney Thompson, & Justus Voss.


We received nice thank you letters from Cardinal Services for our donation & from John Urschalitz for our Student of the Week program.  John gave us $100.


Please pray for our Troops and Families:   Pfc Joseph W Russell – Marines


Sergeants-at-Arms:  Luke BecknellBob Jackson & Jim Nesbitt entertained us.  The following were recognized for being in the paper for good things:  Bill Landrigan (Man of the Year); John Teevan (teaching KYLA); Jim Kessler (introducing Rick Fox); Tony Ciriello (KYLA & running for coroner); Jane Wear (Cardinal Servises). Jim Walmer is celebrating a new grandson, Jaxson Bryce Walmer.  Angie Tom is celebrating Keegan’s 10th birthday & the arrival of her & Kyle’s new baby next week.  Noel Hoke was recognized for introducing Dr. Steve “Rade” Hollar to basketball.  Dr. Jon Lippe & our other school administrators were recognized.  Yolanda Hedington was recognized for failing to recognize Pres. John Sullivan.  Bill Landrigan was caught going to the Right to Life meeting a week early. 


Program:  Mike Bergen & Allen Alderfer brought us up to date about the Kosciusko County Riley Kids Fund that they started.  Mike’s son Ben & Allen’s daughter Katherine each used Riley Children’s Hospital’s services.  They were blessed to be able to spend time with their kids while they were at Riley.


However they each noticed that some other families were not financially able to take off work, pay for gas, meals, & hotel bills to be with their kids while they were at Riley. 


They set a goal of raising $100k.  So far they have raised $173k.  Half of the money goes to Riley & half goes to the families of Riley kids to help with the incidental costs of spending time with their kids. 


The goal is to raise enough money to have an endowment to fund this into the future.  Lake City Radio is doing a Radio-A-Thon March 15 & 16.  Rick Kerlin (who has made a generous gift to the fund) is coordinating our volunteer efforts to man the phones for the fundraiser.   


The funding of the program is through the Kosciusko County Community Foundation and those who need help apply through the K21 Health Foundation.  Families of Riley kids should contact the K21 Health Services Pavilion at 372-3500.