Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Future Dates  

10/12 & 13 Fri. & Sat. Taste and Trade

10/13 & 14 Sat. & Sun Shrine Club Turkey Shoot

10/17 Wed. Trace Hansen – U.S. Olympic Committee

10/24 Wed. Joe Bryan – WCHS Advanced Transportation

10/26 Fri.  Spooktakular

10/27 Sat. District Meeting

10/31 Wed. Paula Bowman – First Friday & Downtown Happenings

11/7 Wed. Kris Farwell – Lego League AND Optimist Singers

11/14 Wed. Eisenhower Elem. Robotics Teams

12/5 Wed. Lindsey Best – Big Brothers Big Sisters

12/19 Wed. Optimist Singers

1/2 Wed. White Elephant Auction

6/29/13 Sat. Triathlon


Wednesday, October 10, 2012 

Our meeting was led by our new President Tracy Furnivall.


89 Optimists & 8 guests attended our meeting.  Julie Runnells was the guest of Jeff Owens; Matt Boren was the guest of Jay Tate; Dr. Craig Hintz was the guest of John Elliott; Jon Harding was the guest of Andy Swihart; Ian Wihebrink was the guest of Joel Wihebrink, Dennis Williams was the guest of Coach Jim Kessler; Dan Porter was the guest of Craig Snow; and Adam Turner was the guest of Dave Turner.      

Door Greeters:  Allan Kember and Bart Templeton.

Prayer was offered by Coach Jim Kessler. 

Pledge was given to the American flag. Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Martin Becker led us as we sang “Hail to Optimism.” 

Birthday Honorees:  Al Grossnickle and Denny Andrews.  Martin Becker led us in the birthday song with our usual results.


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Prayer Requests: 

Fred Bigg’s family at his passing.  Fred has been active in the Wabash club for years.


Membership:  Past President Jeff Owens’ assistant Matt Deeds read Matt Boren’s, Julie Runnels’, Dr. Craig Hintz’s, and Adam Turner’s applications.  Matt is sponsored by Jay Tate.  Julie Runnels is sponsored by Past President Jeff Owens.  Dr. Craig Hintz is sponsored by Past President John Elliott.  Adam Turner is sponsored by Dave Turner.


President Tracy Furnivall recognized our Board of Directors and Officers.


Past Gov. Ron Donkers made a major announcement about our Triathlon.  The date has been changed to the Saturday JUST BEFORE the 4th of July.  It will be June 29, 2013.  Also this year in addition to a short swim after the traditional participants, there will be kid’s races for kid’s who are 11 to 12 or 13 to 14.


Past Gov. Ron Donkers announced our District Meeting will be Sat. Oct. 27 at Wabash.  Officers and any interested members are invited.  Cost is $15 including the meal.


Art Gakstatter announced our downtown Spooktakular will be Friday, October 26.    Around 1000 kids came last year.  Help is needed anytime from 4:30 p.m. on.  A sign up sheet is going around.


Bart Templeton is looking for greeters.  Please sign up.


Chaplains Fred Nieter and Past Pres. Ron Henry are looking for people to do the invocation this coming year. 


Julie Runnels donated $55 for the Chess Club’s hand held computer.


Trina Hoy invited us to the Warsaw – Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce’s Taste & Trade Expo on October 12 and 13 at the Orthopaedic Capital Center.  Kellie Malcolmwill perform Friday and the Chain of Lakes Chorus with Past Lt. Gov. Dr. David Haines and Pete Gano will perform Saturday.


The Kosciusko County Auditor’s Office reports the State of Indiana has changed the requirements for real estate Homestead Deductions.  You now have to file a form with the county Auditor’s office by the end of the year in order to keep your deduction.  Go to to see if they are missing your form.


Please pray for our Troops and Families:   EN3 Evan Mock – Navy – working with mine detecting dolphins


Sergeants-at-Arms:  Joel WihebrinkJohn Elliott, and Everett Nifong entertained us. 

Dr. Steve Hollar is proud of Meredith’s many soccer goals.

Past Lt Gov Dr. David Haines is proud of Mattie’s Washington Volleyball team becoming the city champions.  

Warsaw Police Chief Scott Whitaker was fined for the lack of investigation of Gina Voelz’s daughter’s 12 volleyball “kills.”

Those who were dressed for work were recognized.  They are a good example to us all.

Raccoon Run’s golf champion, Dave Wolkins, was recognized.  (Dave did not say this, but by the way you can vote early as of this week.  Go to the Justice Building.)

Our Board of Directors and Officers were recognized.  They were mostly present.

Jane Wear reported Cardinal Services has 40 openings.

The Sergeants made Past President Max Mock aware of the growth our club or “family” has had since he was President.  He suggested our growing “family” could use a 529 Plan.

Bob Ibach high fived Dennis Williams.

Past Lt. Gov. Sam Whitaker and Matt Boren were noted for their separate investigations.

Fred Nieter read some United States Flag and National Anthem etiquette. 

John and Tam Vogel’s granddaughter is an actress on the TV show “Nashville.”

Those with shotguns were encouraged to participate in the Shrine Club’s Turkey Shoot Sat. Oct 13 and Sun. Oct 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Beeson’s Gun Club, 8994 W CR 25 S, Etna Green.

Indiana fans were encouraged to preview Ohio State.   




Grace Basketball Coach Jim Kessler told us interesting stories about the History of Basketball.  He had a couple of historic relics including a leather basketball and a pre-1920s rim.

In 1891, Dr. Luther Gulick, the director of the School for Christian Workers asked James Naismith to invent a game that could be played inside.  Some of the objectives were to reduce rough house play and include more finesse.  To require more finesse the goal is parallel to the floor, not perpendicular like other games.  Also to require more finesse the goal is above the player’s heads.

Some coincidences are that the hoop is 10’ high because that was the height of the railing on the balcony at the school’s gym.  They attached the hoop to that existing railing.

He started with 9 person teams, because he had 18 students in his class. 

What we call a backboard, they called a bank board.  It was used to attach the rim to.  It could be used to make a bank shot.  Most of us remember those.  A major advantage to the bank board originally, was to prevent the fans in the balcony from interfering with the path of the ball.  It was originally 4 x 6.  It was reduced to protect Dennis from injuring himself on the bottom edge.

The net originally was like a fish net and was closed at the bottom.  In 1906 someone forgot the stick that was used to poke the ball out of the net after a basket.  A student used his pocket knife to cut the bottom of the net so the ball would fall out after each basket.  After that game, the loosing team protested that the equipment had been modified.

Coach Kessler said the red house in Winona Lake was the home of Purdue’s first All American.  Sometimes the home is featured in the Winona Lake historic homes tour.  They have several interesting historical basketball pieces.

It was fascinating to see how Box Ball became Basketball.