Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Future Dates
4/23 Wind Ensemble/Optimist Singers
04/26 BYC @ Pizza Hut
05/15 Respect for Law
05/22 Car Show Fundraiser
06/17 Golf Outing fundraiser
06/26 Triathlon
79 Optimists & 3 guests attended our meeting: Jim Tague & Don Parker from Noon Optimist; John Ames guest of Sam Whitaker. Door Greeters: Tracy Furni-val & Jeff Owens. Prayer was offered by John Elliott. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in unison. Birthday Honoree: Pete Gano. Pete & Martin Becker led us with our usual results. Mystery Person Nick Deeter reported 15 people shook his hand.
Prayer List: Jim’s mother, Norma Hayes’ cancer re-covery. Praise: Daniel Elliott is cancer free & has no more chemo treatments!
Membership: Everett Nifong read Gregory Houlton’s 1st reading. Everett sponsored Greg.
Sherriff Bill Landrigan: It was good to see Craig Allebach, Nick Deeter, John Elliott, Jane Greene, Jim Jordan, Chris Kehler, Dan King, & Dr KT Kishan.
Trace Hansen thanked those who worked Safe As-sured ID last Saturday. Twenty kids were enrolled.
Trace Hansen needs ongoing members for the Safe Assured ID committee to do the following tasks: a person to do data entry, a person to get volunteers for events, & a person to set up & tear down at the events. Trace will continue to schedule events.
Everett Nifong has Stonehenge Golf Outing applica-tions. The event is June 17. Cost is $360 per four-some. Call 551-9145 to sponsor at the $1000, $450, or $100 level. Everett thanked Greg Houlton from Al-legra Printing for printing our applications for free for several years. Mike Cusick asked us to consider what we will donate as door prizes at our golf outing.
Car Show: John Elliott reported close to $3k has been raised so far. Art Gakstatter & Dave Meier are delivering flyers to car shows they are visiting. Call Lyle Enyeart to help call some of the car related busi-nesses in our area.
Call George Brennan if you want to golf 6/19 at the Middlebury Club’s outing. Cost is $60 per person.
Jim Tague & Don Parker from the Noon Club deliv-ered flowers.
Tracy Furnival invited us to Pizza Hut 4/26 for a Baker Youth Club fund raiser.
Martin Becker invited us to the 4/23 concert at Rode-heaver. Our Optimist Singers will take part.
Scott Whitaker reported our Respect for Law day is 5/15 on the 3rd floor of the courthouse. Registration forms are available. Some help will be needed.
Stacey Cox saluted: Millie Andrews, who joined in 2000, has 9 years perfect attendance, & has been instrumental in Safe Assured. Millie is a past Rookie of the Year, Club Secretary, & Club Photographer. Next week Stacey will salute Andy Swihart, Craig Allebach, & Juergen Voss.
Call Ron Donkers at 265-5699 if you have a band saw or metal cutting chop saw. We need to cut more conduit pipe for more bike racks for our 6/26 Triath-lon. Please keep the date. Chairs of committees need to start getting ready for this year’s Triathlon.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Lyle Enyeart & Merl Heckaman helped us celebrate Everett Nifong’s son graduating & getting a job at Zimmer. Steve Ferber is the Assis-tant Principal of the Year for Northern Indiana. Chris Wiggins & Dr. Jason Rich are each expecting. Judge Joe Sutton related how county employees were involved in freeing a little religious captive. Dr Steve Hollar ―coached‖ Meredith ―out‖ of her track meet. 50/50: This week Bill Landrigan won $25.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
SSgt Ryan Middleton – Air Force
Program: Daniel King, Winona Lake Postmaster clarified that the Delivery Unit Relocations will move carriers to Warsaw, but will not close any offices.