Annual Awards Banquet, September 28, 2011


Past Gov. Ron Donkers gave our invocation.

Pledge was given to the American Flag.

Promise yourself was said in unison.


President Joel Wihebrink thanked Past Pres. Sam Whitaker for his help setting up this year.


President Joel Wihebrink announced our major awards:


            Rookie of the Year:

             Douglas Jones


            Optimist of the Year:

             Trina Hoy


            Pillar of the Community:

             Ot Schroeder


President Joel Wihebrink honored the following with plaques:


            Incoming President: John Sullivan


Secretary & Treasurer:

Jennifer Dorman


Attendance & Guest Book:  Don Kenipe


Membership: Scott Whitaker


Optibullette:   Craig Nayrocker


Power Point/Sound, Video Editor & District Website:  Jim Hayes


Programs:      Mike Hall, John Elliott,        Bob Jackson, Tracy Furnivall       


Sergeant-at Arms:  Max Mock, Denny Andrews, Jeff Owens, & Dr. David Haines


Outstanding Service on everything:

            Fred Nieter


Golf Outing:  Everett Nifong


Triathlon:  Ron Donkers


Car Show & Programs:  John Elliott


President Joel Wihebrink recognized those with perfect attendance for the following number of years:


            46 years:        Ron Chambers

            39 years:        Dr. David Haines

37 years:        Dr. Charles Hollar,

John Elliott   

33 years:        Larry Tucker,

Juergen Voss

            31 years:        Dave Turner

            30 years:        Don Kenipe

            29 years:        Don Reinholt, Jerry Titus

                                    Dennis Andrews

23 years:        Ron Donkers,

George Paton

            21 years:        Ken Anderson

            20 years:        Martin Becker

            18 years:        Fred Nieter

17 years:        Art Gakstatter,

Jeff Owens, Dr.Steve Hollar, Jim Nesbitt

            16 years:        Robert Jackson

15 years:        John Burtoft, Merl Heckaman

            14 years:        Luke Becknell

            13 years:        Harry Gigous

            12 years:        Ot Schroeder

11 years:        Jim Hayes, Millie Andrews

            10 years:        George Brennan,

                                    Mary Ellen Jordan

            9 years:          Jennifer Dorman,

Kevin Weaver

8 years:          Ed Nordstrom, Craig Nayrocker

            7 years:          Jerry Clevenger,

                                    Sam Whitaker

            6 years:          Angie Tom, Jim Reeve,

Pat Donkers, Steve McGlothin, John Teevan

            5 years:          Everett Nifong

            4 years:          Peter Gano, Trina Hoy,

                                    Bob Ibach, Mitch Goon

3 years:          Henry Church, Trace Hansen, Tracy Horrell, Bill Landrigan, Gary Tanner, Bart Templeton

2 years:          Bruce Hansen, Mary Ann Gradeless, Andy Swihart, Joe Thallemer, Joel Wihebrink

1 year:             John Kirkpatrick, Mike Cusick, Rick Kerlin, John Sullivan, Ann Sweet, Jay Tate

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