Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Future Dates  

10/26 Fri.  Spooktakular

10/27 Sat. District Meeting

10/30 Community Conversation about Competing For The Future

10/31 Wed. Paula Bowman – First Friday & Downtown Happenings

11/7 Wed. Kris Farwell – Lego League AND Optimist Singers

11/14 Wed. Eisenhower Elem. Robotics Teams

11/21 Wed. Cub Scout Cake Auction

11/24 Sat. Salvation Army Bell Ringing

12/5 Wed. Lindsey Best – Big Brothers Big Sisters

12/19 Wed. Optimist Singers

12/26 Wed. no program

1/2 Wed. White Elephant Auction

1/16 Wed. Christon Clark / Habitat for Humanity

1/23 Wed. Warsaw Schools Symphony

2/6 Wed. Rebecca Bazzoni / Jacob’s Ladder

2/13 Wed. Warsaw Schools Band

3/27 Wed. Dave Hoffert / Chief Academic Officer

5/19/13 Sun. Car Show

6/29/13 Sat. Triathlon


Wednesday, October 17, 2012 


91 Optimists & 10 guests attended our meeting.  Dennis Williams was the guest of Coach Jim Kessler; Adam Turner was the guest of Dave Turner; Jerry Laurien and John Bazzoni were the guests of Scott Whitaker; Kristin Quick was the guest of Bill Landrigan; Ryan Goon, David Goon, Chad Goon, Melanie Goon, and Nikos Schlitt were the guests of Mitch Goon.      

Door Greeters:  Bob Ibach and Trace Hansen.

Prayer was offered by Luke Becknell. 

Pledge was given to the American flag. 

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Martin Becker led us as we sang “Hail to Optimism.” 

Birthday Honorees:  Gary Tanner and Harry Gigous.  Martin Becker led us in the birthday song with our usual results.


            >>>> INFORMATION

Membership:  Past President Jeff Owens’ assistant Matt Boren read Julie Runnels’, Dr. Craig Hintz’s,  Adam Turner’s, Dennis Williams’, and Jon Harding’s applications.  Past Lt. Gov. Sam Whitaker inducted Matt Boren.  Matt is sponsored by Jane Wear.  Julie Runnels is sponsored by Past President Jeff Owens.  Dr. Craig Hintz is sponsored by Past President John Elliott.  Adam Turner is sponsored by Dave Turner.  Dennis is sponsored by Coach Jim Kessler.  Jon is sponsored by Board Member Andy Swihart.


Thanks to President Tracy FurnivallJim Hayes, & Dr. Jason Rich for compiling our list of officers and chairpersons.   Please find attached a corrected copy of our officers and chairpersons.


Sheriff of Attendance Bill Landrigan greeted Craig AllebachMichael Gavin, Coach Doug Ogle, Judge Joe SuttonAndy SwihartAngie TomChad Zaucha, and Jason Zaugg.


Past Gov. Ron Donkers announced our District Meeting will be Sat. Oct. 27 at Wabash.  Officers and any interested members are invited.  Our club will cover the $15 cost that includes lunch.  Tell Ron or Treasurer Jennifer Dorman if you are going. 


Octagon President, Kristin Quick introduced President Elect Ryan Goon, Vice President Chad Goon, and Representatives Nikos Schlitt and David Goon.  This year they have over 80 members.  They will be selling cotton candy at basketball games, selling t-shirts, and collecting at a basketball game for Riley.  They are collecting shirts and shorts that Kristin will take to Haiti.


Past President Jim Nesbitt announced in the next week or two we can buy $10 calendars to support basketball and help restart our college club.


Art Gakstatter announced our downtown Spooktakular will be Friday, October 26.    Around 1000 kids came last year.  Set up is at 4:30 p.m.  Registration starts at 5:30 p.m.  Trick or Treating starts at 6 p.m.  Costume judging starts at 7 p.m.  This service event is sponsored by Miller’s Merry Manor, WCDC, Kohl’s, Warsaw Downtown Merchants and us.


Merl Heckaman announced we will ring the bell for Salvation Army at WalMart and Kmart on Saturday, November 24.


Past President John Elliott announced our Car Show will be downtown onSunday, May 19, 2013


Past Gov. Ron Donkers made a major announcement about our Triathlon.  The date has been changed to the Saturday JUST BEFORE the 4th of July.  It will be Saturday, June 29, 2013.  Also this year in addition to a short swim after the traditional participants, there will be kid’s races for kid’s who are 11 to 12 or 13 to 14.


Trina Hoy invited us to communicate in our Community Conversation aboutCompeting For The Future on Tuesday, October 30 from 1 a.m. to noon at the Orthopaedic Capital Center.  Register at


Please pray for our Troops and Families:   Ashton Hughey – Air Force


Sergeants-at-Arms:  John Elliott and Everett Nifong entertained us. 

President Tracy Furnivall is celebrating his coming grandchild.

President Elect Everett Nifong is celebrating his granddaughter’s 3 month birthday.

Gina Voelz is celebrating her daughter’s volleyball kills. 

Greg Kralis and Past Gov. Ron Donkers were recognized for coming from large families.  We are grateful their parents had such talented children.

John Kirkpatrick is smiling after visiting Mississippi and eating catfish.

Merl Heckaman enjoyed his trip to Wyoming.

Chad Zaucha was recognized for his original social network.

Purdue fans were recognized.



Joe Bryan brought the WCHS Super Mileage Team’s Urban Concept Car to our meeting.  The kids do just about all the work involved in-house.  The kids do just about all the designing and fabrication of the car.  They have been building cars since 1998.  They have gotten over 1000 mpg on one of their cars.  

This year they did the Urban Concept Car, that had to have more of the logistical features needed for actual commuting.  They got 1st place at the Shell Eco-marathon in Houston. 

They have many great sponsors.  Some are:  Louis Dreyfus, Splendor Boats, and Rislone.  This year’s car has an unbelievable custom intake manifold that vaporizes the fuel for better performance and economy. 

Most years there are 8 to 15 kids involved.  Some of the students later go into mechanical engineering or the automotive industry.