Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Future Dates
07/18 Mike Taylor – Encompass World Partners
07/25 Jim Erickson – National Pork Board
08/01 Remnant Trust
08/08 WCHS History Winners
08/15 Gary Gerard – Times Union
08/22 Linda Cochran – Bell Aircraft Museum
08/25 Cruisin Hoosiers Car Show for Baker Youth Club
08/29 Jim Pinkerton – INDOT US 31 Projects
09/05 David Best – Thomas Jefferson
09/12 Tom Kline – WCS Student Test Scores

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
75 Optimists & 11 guests attended our meeting. Vicki Kitchin and Andria Hine were the guests of Rick Kerlin; Ryan Cultice, Curtis Archer, Evan Cultice, Will Petro, Jonny Hollar, and Ben Barkey were the guests of Everett Nifong; Jake Metzger was the guest of Dan Metzger; Tim Hori was the guest of Kellie Malcolm; and Jean Shen was the guest of Trina Hoy.
Door Greeter: Jim Bricker, Lecia Derrossett, & Sierra Derrossett.
Prayer was offered by Pete Gano.
Pledge was given to the American flag.
Promise yourself was said in unison.
Birthday Honoree: Jerry Clevenger. Dr David Haines and Merl Heckaman led us in the birthday song with our usual results.

Prayer Requests:
Sam Whitaker’s family at the passing of his mother.
Chuck Kanes’s wife Sally.
Jim Nesbitt’s recovery from heart surgery. He is in rehab at Grace Village.
Henry Church’s recovery from a broken wrist.
Bonnie Bradley.

Membership: Past President George Brennan inducted Kelsi Griffith and Karen Kauffman. Past President John Elliott sponsored Kelsi and Dr. Steven Hollar sponsored Karen.

Sheriff of Attendance: Bill Landrigan and Harry Gigous are doing a great job of getting us to our meetings. They are working on Kevin Marose and Mayor Dr. Joe Thallemer.

Optimist District Fundraiser: Ryan Harper is selling $5 raffle tickets for a 32” LCD TV. Proceeds go to our Optimist District. The deadline is approaching.

Past Lt. Gov. Dr. David Haines was able to sit and enjoy our meeting. Photographer Trina Hoy is back. It takes a lot of jumping up and running around to get all those weekly pictures.

President John Sullivan announced we received 2 nice plaques from Little League for donating to the program and to the dug out.

Golf Outing Chairman Everett Nifong introduced us to Ben Barkey’s Warsaw Golf Team members: Ryan Cultice, Evan Cultice, Curtis Archer, Will Petro, and Jonny Hollar, who raised $300 for equipment as they helped put on our Golf Outing.

Please pray for our Troops and Families: Bryan Kenipe – Army Infantry

Sergeants-at-Arms: Bob Jackson entertained us.

Those who did not participate in 4-H.

Fred Nieter told us about the time a fisherman with a license ran from Lyle Enyeart to draw him away from his fishing buddy who did not have a license.

Past President Bob Jackson and Dr. Steve Hollar did a golf comedy skit.

Ann Sweet is back from the Kobe Bryant basketball camp.

Past President John Elliott is glad that Art Gakstatter was successful pulling the fireworks barges off the lake after the festivities. It makes sense that you would pull them off. Apparently a state agency thinks you just make them disappear.

Kudos to several of our members who braved the heat last week:

Angie Tom commended Coach Jim Kessler on his many years working with kids at Lancer Basketball Camps in the summer.

Past Lt. Gov. Denny Andrews noted the Optimist Singers participated in the parade that was too hot for the animals.

50/50: Greg Kralis won $45.

Vicki Kitchin, Executive Director, and Andria Hine of the Build Indiana Council helped us understand our gas tax and how our road maintenance is funded.

Federal gas tax is $0.184 per gallon. Indiana gas tax is $0.18 per gallon.

For every $1 Indiana sends to Washington, we only get $0.92 back. Other states get as much as 2 to 3 times as much back as we do.

The federal, state and county transportation budgets do not have enough revenue for the road maintenance we are used to.

Some counties are reverting some of their roads back to gravel to save money.

Past Gov. Ron Donkers mentioned it might not be the end of the world if some of our rural roads were gravel.

Because of the problem we have of needing to keep taxes down to grow the economy it makes some sense to consider lower maintenance rural roads.

Vicki said our Indiana General Assembly has a Joint Study Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Assessment and Solutions that is meeting this summer. It is headed by State Senator Thomas Wyss, 800-382-9467, , 200 W Washington, Indianapolis, IN 46204.