Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Future Dates
1/29 District Meeting in Lafayette
2/2 Steve Possell—C C S
2/5 TriStar Basketball
2/12 TriStar Basketball Regional
2/16 no morning meeting
2/16 Valentine’s Dinner
2/23 Geo Robertson—Kosc Economic
68 Optimists & 6 guests attended our meeting:
Kyle Showley guest of George Paton; Taylor Cassel guest of Lisa Cassel; Joella Smyth guest of Tracy Horrell; Courtney Stetzel, Creigh Ogle, & Chris Statzel from Octagon.
Door Greeters: Doug Jones & George Brennan. Prayer was offered by Pete Gano.
Pledge was given to the American Flag.
Promise yourself was said in unison.
Birthday Honorees: Steve McGlothin & John Teevan. Martin Becker led us with great results. >>>> INFORMATION
Prayer List: Marilyn Kenipe is coming home from Grace Village. Gene Groninger is recovering from his 12/30 back surgery.
Membership: Scott Whitaker has a supply of appli-cations we can use.
Oratorical Contest: Past Pres. Jeff Owens an-nounced students born after 12/31/1991 are eligible this year. This years contest is 3/11 at 6:30pm at Zimmer. Have students call co-chairs: Jerry Richard-son at 306-0668 or Jeff at 527-1387.
Pres. Elect John Sullivan invited all to our Valentine’s Dinner 2/16 at Stonehenge at 6:30pm. The cost is $15 per person. Our Optimist Singers are performing.
There is no morning meeting that day.
Chris Wiggins is chairing both our own TriStar Bas-ketball on Feb. 5 and the Regional that we are host-ing Feb. 12. Both are at Baker Youth Club at 9:30am. More help is needed for the Feb. 12th event. Penguin Point is sponsoring the T-shirts.
Martin Becker presented a check from Grace Wind Ensemble in thanks for our Optimist Singers singing with them. New singers are welcome.
Badge Box: Jim Hayes & his father spent many hours over the holidays making a new badge box with room for 200 badges. Many Thanks for this thought-ful gift!
Co-Chairman John Elliott reminded us our Down-town Cruse In is 5/21/11. Since this replaces our mandatory Christmas Tree Sales & the proceeds help the kids in our community, we all need to get behind it. We should all do 3 things: 1) clear May 21 on our calendars, 2) be $25 trophy sponsors, 3) work one of ten subcommittees to make the event go. Call John to let him know which subcommittee you will work. Those who do not volunteer this week will be ―volunteered.‖
Courtney Stetzel reported Octagon will collect cans of food & money from us between now & the Super Bowl.
Student of the Week: Joella Smyth introduced us to Katie German, Evan Hansen, A J Hartle, Dominic Kurosky, Bailey Moore, Maya Panicker, Andrew Scheidt, Thomas Schroeder, Cole Troutner, & Katie Voelz from Edgewood.
Lt. Gov. Jim Reeve invited us to the 1/29 District Meeting in LaFayette. Let him know if you are go-ing.
Sergeants-at-Arms: Jeff Ownes, Denny Andrews, Max Mock & Dr. David Haines, entertained us. Mar-tin Becker is the Athletic Director & Asst. Principal at Lakeview Middle School. In honor of Lake City Bank’s great year, LCB employees & customers were fined. John Elliott is celebrating Ohio States win over Purdue. Bill Landrigan enjoyed his time at the Washington DC Right to Life meeting.
50/50: Tammy Keirn won $33.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Capt Jacob Sweatland – Army Ranger
Program: Mayor Ernie Wiggins gave us the State of the City. So far the city has been able to cut $800,000 without any layoffs. The future will be leaner for cities. By turning the old waste water treatment plant into a pumping station we can save $600,00 per year. Mayor Wiggins joined the City Council in 1984 & became mayor in 1997.