Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Future Dates
07/02 Optimist Singers @ 1st Friday
07/03 Winona Lake 4th celebration
07/07 we meet @ Knights of Colum-bus
07/14 no meeting
08/07 Big Wheel Race
09/18 Cub Scout auction
75 Optimists & 9 guests attended our meeting: Shy-loh Hoy guest of Trina Hoy; Kirstin Quick guest of Bill Landrigan; Justin Crouse guest of Roger Crouse; Ben Barkey, Jon Schram, Evan Cultice, & Tim Ahlers-meyer guests of Everett Nifong; David Findley & Randy Maxson guests of Henry Church.
Door Greeters: Ken Anderson & Marvin Miller. Prayer was offered by Tracy Furnival.
“The Star Spnangled Banner” was sung by our Op-timist Singers.
Promise yourself was said in unison.
Birthday Honoree: Angie Tom. Merl Heckaman led us as we sang ―My Country Tis of Thee‖ to Angie.
Mystery Person: Pat Donkers reported over 70 peo-ple shook her hand.
Prayer List: Lyle Enyeart’s family at the passing of his father-in-law. Jim Kessler’s family at the passing of his mother, Ada. Jim Hayes’ mother, Norma’s can-cer recovery.
Membership: Past President George Brennan in-ducted Dr. Darrell Johnson & Craig Snow. Everett Nifong sponsored Craig & Fred Nieter sponsored Dar-rell.
Sherriff Bill Landrigan: It was good to see Roger Crouse!
Everett Nifong presented Ben Barkey, & the Warsaw Golf team $260 for a range finder. They also raised another $300 at our Stonehenge Golf Outing.
Angie Tom invited us to Winona Lake’s Independ-ence Day festivities on Saturday, July 3rd. There is a Cutie Contest, Car Show, & free attractions for kids.
Lt. Gov. Jim Reeve asked us to donate things for Cub Scout Pack 3736 to sell at a yard sale on July 10. Bring your donations to Jim’s office. The proceeds will help the Cub Scouts go on a trip to the Chicago Aquarium.
Triathlon: Past Gov. Ron Donkers reported we raised around $16k to $18k. We had 719 registered with 669 participating. Kudos to Jim Hayes for his months of pre-registration work. Chris Wiggins raced & then took down the bike racks. We need to help him take them down next year. We received 2 nice front page write-ups in the Times-Union.
President Sam Whitaker reported we will meet at the Knights of Columbus building on Bell Drive just west of Biomet on next week.
There is no meeting July 14th.
Luke Becknell invited us to hear our Optimist Sing-ers on July 2 downtown at the 1st Friday.
Dave Meier announced the Penguin Point / Opti-mist Big Wheel Race is 8/7 downtown. Registration is at 9am. The race starts at 10:30am.
Stacey Cox saluted: Gary Tanner, who joined in 1994, has 1 year perfect attendance, is an Optimist Singer, & has worked Triathlon Security. Gary has a PhD in medical entomology. Rick Kerlin, who joined this year, has worked our car show & our Triathlon Security. Rick is a NASCAR fan. Next week she will salute Steve Albertson & Fred Nieter.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Merl Heckaman, & Lyle Enyeart entertained us. Bill Landrigan is proud of his grand-daughter Kirstin Quick’s state track results while get-ting straight As. Kyle Tom is happy about Angie’s birthday. The following members are celebrating these anniversaries: Joe Thallemer 31st, Ron & Pat Donkers 38th, Ron Chambers 52nd, Steve Albertson 53rd, & Don Kenipe 59th. 50/50: Cathy Mullett won $31.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Jacob Gilmer – Army Ranger – Iraq
Program: Ivy Tech Vice Chancellor / Executive Dean Randy Maxson & Trustee David Findley brought us up to date on Ivy Tech’s new building and rapid growth.