Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011

Future Dates 

12/9-11 Santa House

12/14 Steve Miller / KCH

12/16-18 Santa House

12/21 Optimist Singers

12/28 White Elephant auction

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011

It is good to be back after being snowed out last week!


81 Optimists & 2 guests attended our meeting.  Richard King & Chris Harrison were the guests of Rick Kerlin.

Door Greeters:  Ken Anderson & Coach Jim Kessler.

Prayer was offered by Pete Gano. 

Pledge was given to the American Flag.  Promise yourself was said in unison.

Birthday Honorees:  Bart Templeton, Kathy Kurosky, Larry Tucker, Jim Hayes, & George Brennan.  Martin Becker led us in the birthday song with great results.  

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Prayer Request:  Kamden TomAngie & Kyle Tom’s son & Art Gakstatter’s Grandson.  He is home from Lutheran, but not back to school. 

Membership:  Sam Whitaker read Yolanda Hedington’s application. Jane Wear sponsored Yolanda.

Sherriff of AttendanceBill Landrigan & Harry Gigous were successful in getting Tammy Keirn & Craig Allebach here.  Video Editor, Jim Hayes& Photographer Trina Hoy outdid even themselves with the picture of Sherriff Bill/Andy & Deputy Harry/Barney.

Merl Heckaman thanked those who rang the bell for Salvation Armyon Dec. 3rd.  I happen to know that Ryan Goon rang the bell for 2 hours after volunteering for Toys for Tots.  Later he was an Octagon Elf at our Santa House.

Luke Becknell collected for toys for Baker Youth Club kids.  The next couple of weeks we will bring in gifts worth about $10 or donate for the purchase of such gifts.

Past Pres. Joel Wihebrink reported from Charles Neuwirth that about 50% of the Christmas Trees at Owens East have been sold. Help is needed between 1 & 3 p.m. Saturdays & Sundays to sell the remaining trees. Customers should pay Owens directly.  Thanks to Charles Neuwirth,Owens is donating $5 to us for every tree they sell! 

Jay Tate reported 26 kids were served by Safe Assured ID at last Saturday’s Kringle Fest.

Ron Chambers reported on a good visit to the Plymouth Club on November 29.

Angie TomJane Greene-WearTammy Keirn, & Trina Hoy are chairing our Santa House.  Jane reported 150 kids saw Santa last weekend. Octagon are helping as elves.

Art Gakstatter & his helpers moved the Santa House to Kmart this morning.

Bart Templeton is looking for greeters.

Jim Reeve read the humorous “Diary of a Mad Snow Shoveler” story.  It is funny because we know it’s truth. 

Dr. David Haines invited all to hear Four O’clock Shadow sing at Noon at Wal-Mart.

Ron Donkers announced that registration is now open for our Triathlon.

Please pray for our Troops and Families:  

1st Lt James Murray –Army Reserves–Chaplain   

Sergeants-at-Arms:  Luke Becknell & Bob Jackson entertained us.  It was settle-up time after the Oaken Bucket game.  IU fans paid & Purdue fans sang.  Mary Ellen Jordan is celebrating her 16th grandchild.  Mary Ann Gradeless is celebrating another great-grandchild.  Jerry Clevenger is celebrating his 2nd grandchild.  Trina Hoy was in The Paper.  We all agree that Fred Nieter should win a award for humor.  Warsaw H. S. Band has a concert next Tuesday night.  Greg Kralis mentioned the idea of a Port-a-Poty for the kids in line at the Santa House.  Dr. David Hainesexclaimed “That’s why the Santa Suit was damp!”  It has been washed.              

50/50:  Bob Jackson won $40.

Program:  Chris Harrison, Operations Supervisor of Indiana American Water brought us up to date on their vast improvements.  Our Warsaw water system started in 1903.  In 2000 Indiana American Water bought our system. 

When Chris came to Warsaw in 2007 he did a Strategic Plan for Growth. Warsaw is growing along the U.S. 30 corridor & the S.R. 15 corridor.  In the past some of our water had a chemical makeup that caused our Orthopedic Employers to spend extra money to the treat it before it was used in their plants. Our new plant with the new water main reduces some of the burden on our employers.