June 5, 2013

Future Dates   

6/8 Sat. Grand Opening of Milan Hoosier Museum

6/12 Wed. Tracie Hodson / Beaman Home

6/13 Thur. Optimist Golf Outing / Stonehenge

6/15 Sat. Home Brew Club fundraiser for Combined Community Services at Cerulean

6/17 Mon. Boomerang Backpack Golf Outing / Tippecanoe Lake Country Club

6/19 Wed. Ashlynn Fawley / Red Cross

6/21 Fri. Baker Youth Club Golf Outing / Rozella Ford

6/26 Wed. Assemble Triathlon bags

6/29 Sat. Triathlon

7/3 Wed. Optimist Scholarship Recipients

7/4,5,6 Thur.-Sat. Optimist International Conference in Cincinnati

7/10 Wed. no meeting / County Fair

7/17 Wed. Jane Wear / Cardinal Center

7/24 Wed. Ronna Kawsky / Warsaw Area Career Center

7/24 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools Girls Soccer / Peter Lucht

7/31 Wed. Angie Wood / Heartline

7/31 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools Football / Phil Jensen

8/2 Fri. Big Wheel Race

8/7 Wed. Jay Tate / Safe Assured ID demo

8/7 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools Cheerleading / Kari Doty

8/14 Wed. Rich Haddad / K21 Health Foundation

8/14 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Girls Golf / Chris LaLonde

8/21 Wed. Lorinda Kline / WCS Professional Learning Community Coach

8/21 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Volleyball / Michael Howard

8/28 Wed. Shirley Fetrow / Family Safety Day

9/4 Wed. Greenways / Tim Dombrosky & Staci Young

9/11 Wed. Dave Anson / Athletic Director WCHS

9/11 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Boys & Girls Cross Country / Jim Mills & Scott Erba

9/18 Wed. Laurie Schotz / WCHS PAC

9/18 Wed. Boys Golf / Ben Barkey

10/2 Wed. Amanda Lopez / Foster Parenting

10/9 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Student Council

10/9 Wed. Boys Soccer / Scott Bauer

10/16 Wed. Danielle Robertson / Wagon Wheel

10/23 Wed. Ben Barkey & Tom Ray / Washington STEM

10/23 Wed. Boys Tennis / Rick Orban

10/30 Wed. Eisenhower Robotics Club

11/20 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools Symphony / Blue Apron dessert

12/4 Wed. Brad Hagg / Warsaw Community High School CTO

12/11 Wed. Girls Basketball / Michelle Harter

1/8/14 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Gymnastics & Wrestling / Andi Calhoun & Justin Smith

1/15/14 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Girls Swim & Dive / Nate Long

1/22/14 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools Symphony

1/29/14 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Boys Swim & Dive / Nate Long

2/5/14 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Boys Basketball / Doug Ogle

3/12/14 Wed. Warsaw Schools Band

3/26/14 Wed. Warsaw Community Schools Chief Accountability Officer David Hoffert

9/10/14 Wed. Warsaw Community High School Athletics / Dave Anson


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


102 Optimists & 8 guests attended our meeting.  Paul Heaton was the guest of Sam Whitaker; Paula Ibach was the guest of Bob Ibach; Col. Darryl McDowell was the guest of Art Gakstatter; Lynn Kendall & Diane McGarvey were the guests of Trina Hoy; Troy Burns was the guest of Ann Sweet; Keegan & Kamron Tom were the guests of Angie Tom.

Door Greeters:  Amanda Zambrano & Kelsi Griffith. 

Prayer:  Dave Turner led us in prayer.

Pledge was given to the American flag. 

Promise yourself was said in unison. 

Birthday Honorees:  Tracy Horrell & Jay Tate.  Dr. David Haines & Gina Voelz led us in the birthday song with our usual results.


            >>>> INFORMATION

Membership:  Past President Jeff Owens’ assistant Jenna Secrist read Heather King’s & Paul Heaton’s applications.  Past President. George Brennan inducted Jenna Secrist.  Joel WihebrinkDan Metzger, & Sam Whitaker sponsored JennaHeather, & Paul.   

Past Pres. Jim Nesbitt along with help from fellow French speakers, Past Pres. George Brennan and John Teevan retired our French Club / College Club’s banner and gong.  Coach Jim Kessler’s basketball team has been active helping us with various programs.  Maybe a new club will use the banner & gong in the future.

Sheriff & Deputy of Attendance Bill Landrigan and Harry Gigous celebrated our attendance of 96 the last week.  They greeted Dr. Jason Rich & Chris Wiggins

Board Member Rick Kerlin gave $350 to Troy Burns for the Kosciusko County Soccer League.  Past Gov. Ron Donkers reminded us that our club started the Soccer league years ago.  Steady Eddie Don Kenipe remembered that Optimist Loren Cunningham was the driving force behind starting the Soccer in our area.

President Tracy Furnivall reported that Past Lt. Gov. Ot Schroeder & Past Gov. Ron Donkers were 2 of the 10 Kosciusko County Community Foundation Heart of Goldwinners.  Ot founded a local dropout prevention effort called KC Ed.  Our graduation rates have gone up substantially because of Ot’s leadership.  Ron has worked tirelessly for many causes in our community including being Chairman for our United Way, Chairman of the Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Drive, Home Care & Hospice, and our Triathlon.  Also there was a new award this year.  Our club won the Service Club Heart of Gold Award.       

Mike Cusick asked that we bring door prizes & goody bag items for our June 13th Golf Outing to next week’s meeting.  Toyota of Warsaw is sponsoring our Hole-In-One. Brochures are by the badge box.

Triathlon:  Past Gov. Chairman Ron Donkers is looking for a new Hospitality Chairperson who will hand out damp towels to our contestants after they finish the race.  The date has been changed to the Saturday JUST BEFORE the 4th of July.  It will be Saturday, June 29, 2013.  This year in addition to a short swim after the traditional participants, there will be kid’s races for kids who are 11 to 12 or 13 to 14.  We will need everyone to work this to pull it off.

Co-Chairman Luke Becknell highlighted some of our Triathlon sub-committee chair people:  Past Lt. Gov. Mary Ellen Jordan is looking for help Friday evening & Saturdaymorning with Registration.  In addition we put registration bags together at Past Gov. Ron Donkers’ & Past Pres. George Brennan’s storage building.  Merl Heckaman &Kellie Malcom are looking for help doing Body Marking.  Chris Wiggins is looking for help Friday afternoon and Saturday with the Transition Area.  Mitch Goon is looking for help with the Bike Route.  Past Pres. Bob Jackson is looking for help with our Run Route.  Past Pres. Dr. Charles Hollar is looking for help with our Chips.       

Our Banner is missing.  It is about 8’ by 2’.  Check you trunk of your car and your garage.  We need it for our Triathlon.

Troy Akers invited us to Boomerang Backpacks Golf Outing on Monday, June 17 at Tippecanoe Lake Country Club at 8 a.m.  The cost is $400 per foursome including lunch.  Sponsorships are available from $100 to $5,000.  See Mark Cockroft (260)413-2507 mark.cockroft@boomerangbackpacks.org or Gary Furlow (260) 349-8970g_t_furlow@hotmail.com .  Boomerang Backpacks provides food over the weekends for at risk kids in the Warsaw, Wawasee, & Tippecanoe Valley school districts. 

President Tracy Furnivall invited us to Baker Youth Club’s Golf Outing on Friday, June 21 at Rozella Ford.  Florida Scramble cost is $280 per foursome, including golf, cart, lunch, and snacks.  Hole sponsorship is $150.

Joe Wilkey reported World Compassion Network is sending its giant generator, food, & water to Oklahoma.  Alan Lucht will be working on logistics.

Please pray for our Troops and Families:   LCpl Matt Miles – Marines

Sergeants-at-Arms:  John Elliott and Joel Wihebrink entertained us.

It was noted that Titus Funeral Home is a preferred client of Ace Hardware.

Past Lt. Gov. Dr. David Haines is proud of his grandkids dead-aim archery skills.

Trina Hoy has brought everyone in Warsaw to our club.  Great job, we now are one of the largest clubs in the country.  In order to bring new people to the club, today she brought Lynn Kendall from Indianapolis.

Mitch Goon noted our Boys Track team placed 5th at State.

Dr. Jason Rich invited us to his home brew club’s fundraiser for Combined Community Services.  For $25 we can test their product at Cerulean on Saturday, June 15.

It was suggested our law enforcement observe us as we leave Jason’s event.

Lyle Enyeart reported some truly blessed fishing on the Hoosier Hooker.  Friday someone caught a 30 ½” walleye, which was the largest fish caught.  Sunday a youngster caught a 32” walleye. 

Angie Tom and Art Gakstatter had happy dollars for Art’s mom’s 99th birthday, Kamden Tom’s 9th birthday, and Kamron Tom’s good health. 

Coach Jim Kessler is serving as a court coach for the 2013 USA Basketball Men’s World University Games training camp.  Coach Kessler’s abilities speak well of the NAIA.

It was noted that Jane Wear is the VP of Programs for the AAUW.

Chris Wiggins was in the 10 years ago section of the paper for being on the National Dean’s list of the top ½% of college students.  Chris is still doing well as his recent promotion was reported in the Indiana Banker magazine.

It was reported to one of our Sergeants that a high ranking Buckeye was retiring.

The symbiotic relationship of Rob Edling’s carpet cleaning and computer repair businesses was noted.

Last week our Sergeants asked our newest members to turn in the dirt on themselves, so they can be fined.  Mike Cox was the only one to comply.  It looks like it is time to comply.  Our Sergeants look like they intend to get what they are asking for.  Sergeant John Elliott handed out a Rookie Information sheet that is expected to be turned into one of our Sergeants.  Helpful information would include your name, your sponsor’s name, where you went to Elementary School including the city and state, where you went to High School including city and state, what College/University you attended and what city and state it is located, where you are employed, your favorite hobbies, and finally what one thing the Sergeants need to know to make sure that you are fined before the end of the Optimist Year.

Dr. Steve Hollar, aka Rade Butcher, reported that the almost $500,000 raised during the 25th anniversary of the movie Hoosiers has been used to turn the old Milan Post Office into the Milan Hoosier Museum.  The grand opening is Saturday, June 8.    https://www.milan54.org/  


Diane McGarvey, Producer told us how we can help make “Heart of Indiana.”  It is a feature film that is going to be made in Wabash & Kosciusko Counties Indiana.  It is a PG love story set in small town Indiana.  The main characters are a widow of a grain farmer, her care giver, and their farm hand.  The care giver and the farm hand find pure romantic love they are not looking for.  It is a movie about integrity, hard work, and passion. 

It will be a low budget film, with a budget of only $186k.  There are many ways we can help the makers of this film, some are volunteer, donations of locations, goods & services, or finances.   www.indianamovie2013.com .

Casting is in Warsaw on Saturday, June 15 and Wabash on Saturday, June 22

Please contact Diane McGarvey at (574) 453-6532 or dsmcgarvey@gmail.com .