Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Future Dates
05/11 visit Plymouth club
05/15 assemble bike racks
05/15 Respect for Law
05/21 Cancer Victims fundraiser
05/22 Car Show fundraiser
06/17 Golf Outing fundraiser
06/26 Triathlon
83 Optimists & 3 guests attended our meeting: Bill Holder our program, Keegan Tom guest of Angie Tom, Greg Houlton guest of Everett Nifong. Door Greeters: KT Kishan & Everett Nifong. Prayer was offered by Rocky Goshert. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in uni-son. Birthday Honorees: Bonnie Bradley & Gene Groninger. Martin Becker led the Optimist Singers with great results.
Prayer List: Jim’s mother, Norma Hayes’ cancer re-covery. Sam Whitaker’s family at the passing of his father. Praise: Daniel Elliott is cancer free & has no more chemo treatments!
Membership: Everett Nifong read Gregory Houlton’s 2nd reading. Everett sponsored Greg.
Sherriff Bill Landrigan: It was good to see Mike Hall.
Everett Nifong has Stonehenge Golf Outing applica-tions. The event is June 17. Cost is $360 per four-some. Call 551-9145 to sponsor at the $1000, $450, or $100 level. Everett thanked Greg Houlton from Al-legra Printing for printing our applications for free for several years.
Mike Cusick asked us to consider what we will donate as door prizes and goody bags at our golf outing.
Car Show: John Elliott reported the trophies are be-ing ordered. Lyle Enyeart commended Andy Swihart with his results calling car related businesses in our area.
Ron Chambers invited us to visit the Plymouth club, Tuesday morning, 5/11. We will meet at the Shrine Building.
Bonnie Bradley flew us to the moon as she invited us to the Warsaw Idol fundraiser for local cancer vic-tims. The event is May 21 at Wagon Wheel.
Call George Brennan if you want to golf 6/19 at the Middlebury Club’s outing. Cost is $60 per person.
Scott Whitaker reported our Respect for Law day is 5/15 on the 3rd floor of the courthouse. Registration forms are available. Some help will be needed.
Stacey Cox saluted: Andy Swihart, who joined in 1994, is a board member, works our golf outing, car show, & triathlon, & was a vice-president. Craig Alle-bach, who joined in 1990, works our Christmas Tree Sales, Big Wheel Race, & Triathlon. Juergen Voss who joined in 1978, has 31 years perfect attendance works our Triathlon, has worked our Fish Fry, is past chair of our Haunted House, past board member, past president, & past Lt. Governor. In 2 weeks Sta-cey will salute John Barrett & Don Reinholt.
Denny Andrews asked us to assemble new bike racks Saturday, 5/15 from 8am to 10am at Ron Donker’s garage. Indiana Vac Form donated the new bike racks. Please keep the 6/26 date for our Triathlon. Chairs of committees need to start get-ting ready for this year’s Triathlon.
Sergeant-at-Arms: John Barrett, Lyle Enyeart & Merl Heckaman helped us celebrate: Steve Ferber is the Assistant Principal of the Year for Northern Indiana. John Kirkpatrick is retiring. KCLA gradu-ates: Kathy Haddad, Bob Jackson, & Cathy Mullett. John Elliott is happy the primary is next Tuesday. John Barrett noticed the get up & go of some of Coach Ogle’s & David Illingsworth’s charges. Keegan Tom delivered cookie dough. 50/50: This week Everett Nifong won $27 for the car show.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
LCpl Bill Lovelace – Marines (Recon)
Program: Kosciusko County GIS director, Bill Holder told us about a Kosc. Co. Historical Society project to put pictures & GIS of all gravestones in the county on the county’s website: Additional thanks go to the Kosc. Co. Community Foundation & the Esther Pfleiderer Trust.