Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Future Dates
4/11 Board Meeting
4/13 Combined Comm. Services
4/16 Regional Oratorical Contest
4/20 KCH Cancer Center
4/27 Grace College—Nat Bosch
5/4 Boys & Girls Club
5/7 Respect for Law
69 Optimists & 3 guests attended our meeting:
Melody Wright & Renea Salyer guests of Mike Hall; Sierra Derrossett guest of Lecia Derrossett. Door Greeters: Trina Hoy & Ann Sweet. Prayer was of-fered by Ot Schroeder. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in uni-son. Birthday Honoree: Don ―Lucky‖ Kenipe. Martin Becker led us with ―50/50‖ results.
Prayer List: Donna Nordstrom is doing much better. She is out and about. Mitch Goon’s family at the passing of his mother.
Bart Templeton is looking for greeters. Call him to volunteer.
Video editor, Jim Hayes showed us a video of a W W II sniper, Ted Gundy, hitting a target at 300 yards with a 1903 A4 and a 1000 yard target with today’s equip-ment.
Stonehenge Golf Outing June 16: Everett Nifong is looking for help & sponsors at the $100, $450, $1000 levels. Mike Cusick & Andy Swihart are looking for door prizes & items for the 80 goody bags. Golf is $90 per player. Brochures are available.
Spring Break Skate is going on this week. Thanks to all who helped. The cost of this event is covered 50/50 between Trace & the club
Scott Whitaker announced Respect for Law – Law Enforcement in Action Day will be May 7 from 9am to 2pm. Kids from 6 to 16 can register. Registration forms are on the back table. Help is needed.
Luke Becknell reminded us that the Triathlon is the 4th Saturday in June like always. This year it is June 25.
Those willing to serve as officers should see Past Pres. Sam Whitaker.
Co-Chairman John Elliott reminded us our Down-town Cruise In is 5/21/11. The Merchants Commit-tee will meet at 6:40am on 4/13. John Teevan re-minded us of how we used to sell Christmas trees in the cold. Please give John your $25 for the trophies we sponsor. We also need to ask our employers if they want to sponsor the show at the $100, $200, or $500 level. Green sponsorship forms are available. Jim Kessler is working on the BBQ. Tyler Miller is working the signage. Trina Hoy & Jeff Owens are working on advertising. Our goals are to have 250 cars, raise $10k, & have fun.
President Joel Wihebrink reminded us of the 4/11 board meeting at 7pm.
Sergeants-at-Arms: Jeff Owens, Denny Andrews, & Merl Heckaman entertained us. Lyle Enyeart is enjoying retirement. Henry Church is retiring this summer. Jane Greene is married. Larry Tucker is celebrating his 55th anniversary. Angie Tom thanked the Optimist who donated to the scholarship fund in honor of her sons. Dr. Joe Thallemer re-minded us to vote. Trina Hoy invited us to the Meet the Candidates 4/13 at Wagon Wheel from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Coach Jim Kessler gave awards to Fred Nieter for videoing the Tigers & John Elliott for 1st Source’s sponsoring of the Hoops For Hope & for the ―help‖ he gave the officials.
50/50: Henry Church won $15.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
LCpl Aaron Stahl – Marines
Program: Renea Salyer Advancement Director & Melody Wright Marketing Director told us about Grace Village, a great place to call home. They find that new Grace Village residents come back to the area to live at Grace Village after living in this area years ago. Grace Village is the Cardinal Services & Business Leadership Network’s Business of the Year. Volunteer opportunities can be found at .