Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Future Dates
5/21/11 Car Show
5/25 Eric Lane Hope Mission
5/25 Optimist Singers
6/1 Al Decker
6/16/11 Golf Outing
6/22 Triathlon packets
6/25/11 Triathlon
87 Optimists & 11 guests attended our meeting. William Bartel was the guest of Ed Nordstrom; Mark Caruso was the guest of Joel Wihebrink; Steve Hab-ben was the guest of the club; Stacey Young was the guest of Sam Whitaker; Ted Rondou was the guest of Jim Hocking; Courtney Stetzel, Chris Stetzel, Creig Ogle, Andi Frazzetta, Nate Stone, & Simon Stone were from our Octagon club. Door Greeters: Tyler Miller & Rich Haddad. Prayer was offered by Don Reinholt. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in unison. Birthday Hon-orees: Trace Hansen, Ron Donkers, & Craig Nay-rocker. Martin Becker led us in the birthday song with good results.
Prayer List: Alan & Kristine Aldefer’s daughter Katherine as she fights her bone & muscle disease.
Membership: Pres. Joel Wihebrink read William Bartel’s & Mark Caruso’s applications. Ed Nordstrom & Joel Wihebrink are their respective sponsors.
Stonehenge Golf Outing June 16: Mike Cusick is looking for help & sponsors at the $100, $450, $1000 levels. Please turn in your sponsorship as soon as possible, so signs can be made. Josh Gordon, Mike Cusick & Andy Swihart are looking for door prizes & items for the 80 goody bags. Golf is $90 per player. Brochures are available.
Triathlon: Luke Becknell highlighted the areas that we need help. Past Gov. Ron Donkers reported 280 are registered. If you are not signed up to work the 25th of June, Luke can connect you. We need every-one to work this event. It raises over $20k each year for the kids in our community. After we finish our tasks we need to pick up all the litter.
Sherriff of Attendance Bill Landrigan was glad to see Roger Crouse & Pat Donkers. 87 were here!
Visitation Chairman Ron Chambers invited us to visit the Warsaw Noon Club, Monday June 6 at Golden Corral.
Co-Chairman John Elliott reminded us our Down-town Cruise In is 5/21/11. Those who are finished with the task they signed up for can go to the SE cor-ner of the courthouse anytime to see where they can help. The Set Up team will meet there at 7am. The parking team will meet there at 11am. Those who can should meet in John Elliott’s office Friday at 1pm to put packets together. Mike Gavin donated $100. Trina Hoy & Troy Akers did our banner of sponsors. Denny Andrews & Lake City Bank donated key chains. 1st Source is donating the proceeds of their water sales. At 3pm Roger Crouse will have his big crane pick up his smaller crane! We need to thank all the people we see who brought cars to our event.
Ot Schroeder & Jerry Clevenger thanked Mitch Goon & Bob Jackson for working with Octagon this year. Courtney Stetzel, Chris Stetzel, Creig Ogle, Andi Frazzetta, Nate Stone, & Simon Stone recapped a few of their many projects: cleaning a park, reading to younger kids, raising money for Claypool Elem. Library & the Kosc. Co. Cancer Care Fund (Race for Trace May 30 at W L Park at 9am.)
Sergeants-at-Arms: Jeff Owens, Dr. David Haines, Denny Andrews, & Max Mock entertained us. Ot Schroeder is happy the girls won their 5th track sec-tional in a row. Luke Becknell’s son is graduating with his doctorate in physical therapy. Fred Nieter’s 2 grandsons graduate college. Don Reinholt is 75 years young. Tracy Furnivall was recognized for the merger of Boys & Girls Club into Baker Youth Club. Dr. David Haines was recognized for KCH’s being named a top 100 hospital in the nation. Tony Ciriello invited all to the Beaman Home 6/6 golf outing. Ron Donkers, Luke Becknell, John Elliott, Art Gakstatter, Everett Nifong, & Mike Cusick were recognized for leading our fundraisers that bring in the majority of the money we raise for kids.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Jessica Meier – Army
Program: Jim Hocking from Integrated Community Development International (ICDI) told us exciting sto-ries about drilling wells for Bayaka villages in C.A.R.