Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Future Dates
03/15 Golf Outing meeting
03/23 War. Ed. Found. Com. Quiz Bowl
05/22 Car Show Fundraiser
06/26 Triathlon
70 Optimists & 10 guests attended our meeting: Chad A’Hearn guest of Henry Church; Rick Kerlin guest of Lyle Enyeart; Cathy Mullett guest of Trina Hoy; Joy Lavender guest of Dr. David Haines; Collin Abbott, William Anderson, Ryan Connors, Dillon Hol-brook, Annie Holderman, Alex Urrutia guests of Tracy Horrell & Troy Akers.
Door Greeters: Jay Tate & Ed Nordstrom.
Prayer was offered by Jim Kessler.
Pledge was given to the American Flag.
Promise yourself was said in unison.
Birthday Honorees: Bob Sandy & Thaddeus Kosci-usko. Martin Becker led us with good results.
Mystery Person Craig Nayrocker reported 12 people greeted him.
Prayer List:
Bill Hilliard’s family.
Daniel Elliott’s continued recovery.
Membership: Everett Nifong read Joy Lavender’s & Beth McHaffie’s 2nd readings. Dr. David Haines sponsored Joy, Trina Hoy sponsored Beth.
Everett Nifong is looking for members to support our golf outing by working the Tee Sponsorship or Door Prize committees. Sign up or email Everett at The initial meeting is at 6pm on March 15.
Troy Akers introduced us to Collin Abbott, William Anderson, Ryan Connors, Dillon Holbrook, Annie Holderman, & Alex Urrutia who were our Students of the Week from Warsaw Com. H.S. Susan McHenry & Tracy Horrell are coordinating our awards.
50/50: This week Mitch Goon won $32.
Sherriff Bill Landrigan thanked all who came today. It was good to see Mike Cusick & Chris Kehler.
New Car Show Fundraiser: We are getting letters showing us how we can each sponsor a trophy for $25. President Sam Whitaker announced that our Christmas Tree profits have trended down over the years. We used to sell 1500 trees, now we are down to about 300 trees. Last year we did a straw poll to see our thoughts on future Christmas Tree sales. 32 of us wanted to sell trees this last year & 26 of pre-ferred to stop selling trees. Several members have expressed the desire to ―buy‖ a tree for $25 instead of selling trees. This is where the idea of the $25 for trophy sponsorships came from. The trophies will cost less than $25, so we will make a profit on them. The trophies help encourage more people to pay the $12 entrance fee to bring their cars. If enough tro-phies are sponsored, we might be able to stop selling Christmas Trees. John Elliott & Art Gakstatter are looking for 2 committee chairpersons. One for regis-trations and the other for the downtown merchants. Art reminded us lots of help will be needed on the day of the event, May 22. President Sam thanked Art Gakstatter, John Elliott, Jim Hayes, & Trina Hoy for their hard work to get this new project started.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Merl Heckaman & Lyle Enyeart reminded us that Chris Wiggins made his half court TriStar shot & Dr. Steve ―Rade‖ Hollar inadvertently had the kids pelt Dr. David Haines with basketballs. John Teevan is happy to be able to support Grace basketball. Steve & Deb Miller celebrated their grand opening. Merl reminded us of pastor’s sharp shooting. Rae Hilliard wrote us a nice note thanking us for the flowers & scholarship in Bill’s name.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
2nd Lt Evan Bradley – Army – Iraq
Chad A’Hearn, procurement forester with Post Hard-woods from Hamilton, Michigan gave us an informa-tive talk about tree health & management. He covers our area. He can be reached at 269-751-2221.
Next week: Tim Mundinger from Warsaw Custom Cabinets