Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Future Dates
2/12 TriStar Basketball Regional
2/16 no morning meeting
2/16 Valentine’s Dinner
2/23 Geo Robertson—Kosc Economic Dev
3/2 Riley’s Children Foundation
3/11 Oratorical Contest
78 Optimists & 6 guests attended our meeting:
Dave King guest of Trace Hansen; Dani Barkey guest of Martin Becker; Gina Voelz guest of Dr. Joe Thalle-mer; Chad Goon, Nikos Schlitt, & Ryan Goon from Octagon. Door Greeter: Bart Templeton. Prayer was offered by Bob Jackson. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in unison. Birthday Honorees: Lyle Enyeart, Tracy Furnivall, & a student. Martin Becker led us with great results.
Prayer List: Marilyn Kenipe is home from Grace Vil-lage. Gene Groninger is recovering from his back surgery.
Membership: Scott Whitaker read Greg Binkerd & Michael Gavin’s applications. Sponsors are by Trina Hoy & Lecia Derrossett respectively.
Oratorical Contest: Past Pres. Jeff Owens an-nounced this years contest is 3/11 at 6:30pm. Have students call co-chairs: Jerry Richardson at 306-0668 or Jeff at 527-1387.
Pres. Elect John Sullivan invited all to our Valentine’s Dinner 2/16 at Stonehenge at 6:30pm. The cost is $15 per person. Our Optimist Singers are performing.
There is no morning meeting that day.
Chris Wiggins presented our TriStar Basketball win-ners: Eric Firstenberger, Nolan Groninger, Kaylee Patton, Melissa Goss. We host the Regional Feb. 12 at Baker Youth Club at 9:30am. More help is needed. Penguin Point is sponsoring the T-shirts.
Badge Box: Jim Hayes & his father spent many hours making a new badge box with room for 200 badges. Many Thanks for this thoughtful gift!
Student of the Week: Jon Lippe introduced us to Ethan Cook, Mary Davis, Vicki Harris, Thomas Hick-erson, Kendra Housel, Caleb Klusman, Jacob Man-gas, Landan Perry, Kathryn Richard, Madison Ship-ley, & Taylor Stiver from Lakeview.
Co-Chairman John Elliott reminded us our Down-town Cruse In is 5/21/11. The advertising & fund raising committees need workers now. Next week we start sponsoring trophies at $25 each. Our goal is to raise $10k, have 250 cars, & have fun. Call John to let him know which subcommittee you will work. Those who do not volunteer this week will be ―volunteered.‖
Everett Nifong announced our Golf Outing will be 6/16 at Stonhenge. Tee sponsors & door prizes are needed.
Pres. Joel Wihebrink announced a board meeting by email this month.
Octagon collected canned food & $120 from us. Jerry Clevenger & Ot Schroeder thanked Mitch Goon & Bob Jackson for helping with Octagon this year.
Lt. Gov. Jim Reeve gave out awards to Ot Schroeder for working with the Governor; Trina Hoy & Lecia Derrossett for sponsoring 2 members; Mary Ellen Jordan, George Brennan, Dr. David Haines, & John Burtoft for sponsoring members last quarter. Jim is looking for a past president to be next year’s Lt. Gov.
Sergeants-at-Arms: Jeff Ownes, Denny Andrews, Max Mock & Dr. David Haines, entertained us. Bill Landrigan saw numerous robins. He & Dr. David Haines celebrated Sacred Heart’s fight against can-cer. Senior citizens are being used to track student’s attendance. Warsaw Com. Schools is looking for bus drivers. Coach Jim Kessler is celebrating the win over Goshen. 50/50: Don Kenipe won $20.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Capt Jacob Sweatland – Army Ranger
Program: Warsaw Com. Schools Swim Coach & NLC Coach of the Year applauded his teams. The girls won their sectional. The girls are sending 3 re-lay teams & 2 individuals to state. The boys sec-tional is next week. They have high hopes also.