Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Future Dates
08/28 Safe Assured ID @ Day at Lake
08/28 Cruizin Hoosiers Car Show
09/08 Get on Board @ Kosc. Co. Com. Foundation
09/11 Safe Assured ID @ Center Lake
09/11 Art in the Park
9/11 “2 Bourbon & Back”
81 Optimists & 7 guests attended our meeting: Ty-ler Miller & Kevin Day guests of Trina Hoy; Hugh Eagan guest of Sam Whitaker; Jenai Tidwell, Ruth Skeel, Deb Johnson, & Kevin Duval guests of Henry Church. Door Greeters: Don Reinholt & Merl Heckaman. Prayer was offered by Bill Landrigan.
Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in unison. Birthday Honoree: Sam Whitaker. Martin Becker led us as we sang the birthday song with great results. Mystery Person: Larry Tucker reported 14 people shook his hand.
Prayer List: Rick Kerlin’s daughter’s recovery from heart surgery. Jim Hayes’ mother, Norma’s cancer recovery.
Membership: Everett Nifong has a supply of applica-tions.
Sherriff Bill Landrigan is getting us here. It was good to see Ray Wolff & Ed Nordstrom.
Trace Hansen has plenty of volunteers to work our Safe Assured ID booth at the Day at the Lake at the fairgrounds in shifts between 11am & 3pm on Aug. 28. Trace needs help at the Family Safety Day at Center Lake Park in 2 hour shifts from 10am to 4pm on Sept 11 Over 100 people were enrolled each of the last 3 years. Trace also needs help at the Taste & Trade Expo at Grace on Oct. 16. Email Trace at
Art Gakstatter is looking for help at the Cruizin Hoo-siers car show for the Boys & Girls Club at Petros Aug. 28. Shifts are from 11:30am to 1:30pm, 1:30pm to 4pm, & 4pm to 6:30pm. Call Art to volunteer.
Jason Rich is working on the new club directory. Please check your information and notify Jason.
Our Optimist Singers will perform at 6:30pm, Oct. 15 at the Taste & Trade Expo at Grace.
We elected John Sullivan President Elect.
Past Pres. Jeff Owens is looking for volunteers to recruit new members for our club at the Kosciusko County Community Foundation’s, Sept. 8th from 2pm to 6pm, ―Get on Board‖ event.
Tracy Horrell is looking for someone to co-chair our Art in the Park from 10am to 1pm on Sept 11 at Center Lake Park. Volunteers are also needed.
President Sam Whitaker announced we will not have a morning meeting Sept 29 since our awards ban-quet will be 7pm that night at Stonehenge.
Luke Becknell invited us to cycle for Cystic Fibro-sis in his “2 Bourbon & Back” on 9/11.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Lyle Enyeart & Merl Heckaman collected happy dollars from us. Everett Nifong showed the results of his plumbing efforts. Tony England is expecting his 3rd child. John Teevan is glad jail classes start at Miami. He is also glad to see our members ready for the Day of Caring. Merl Heckaman sold John Elliott his own glasses. Merl’s grandson is doing well at football scrimmages. Merl found a place we can park things. Jim Hayes enter-tained us with videos of 1) dizzy squirrel, 2) how to load a jet ski into a van, & 3) a snake eating wood-pecker (not a snake eating a woodpecker).
Art Gakstatter won our 50/50.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
William Kretsch – Air Force – 52nd Fighter Wing
Program: Jenai Tidwell & Ruth Skeel brought us up to date with Lifeline Youth & Family Services, Max Mock is on Lifeline’s board. Lifeline is a faith based organization that changes hearts & brings hope to a generation at risk. Lifeline helps troubled children. Locally they do Riverwood Ranch for girls & Pierceton Woods for boys. They do home based services for families from referrals from the Dept. of Child Services. A new program is family support & consulting that are from referrals from the families themselves.