Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012

Future Dates
02/04 Tri-Star Basketball
02/08 Jim Reeve – Roy Rogers
02/08 Valentine’s Banquet
02/11 Tri-Star Basketball regional
02/15 Joe Thallemer – State of the City
02/24 Oratorical contest
05/20 Car Show
06/07 Golf Outing at Stonehenge
06/23 Triathlon

Lt. Gov. Sam Whitaker led our meeting.
83 Optimists & 9 guests attended our meeting. Noel Hoke was the guest of Luke Becknell; Carmen Flores, Heidi & Ellen Kreider, Brian, Diane, & Gabriella Catron, Brent Myers, & E J Underwood were the guests of Tracy Horrell.
Door Greeters: Kathy Kurosky & Judge Joe Sutton.
Prayer was offered by Tracy Horrell.
Pledge was given to the American Flag.
Promise yourself was said in unison.
Birthday Honoree: E J Underwood. Martin Becker led us in the birthday song with great results!


Membership: Lt. Gov. Sam Whitaker read Noel Hoke’s application. Luke Becknell sponsored Noel.

Sheriff of Attendance, Bill Landrigan greeted Michael Gavin & Dr. Jenny Lucht.

May 20th Car Show: Past Pres. John Elliott reminded us that we were going to each buy a $25 plaque for participants instead of selling Christmas Trees.

Everett Nifong announced that our Golf Outing will be June 7th.

Past Gov. Ron Donkers reported 24 are registered for our Triathlon. Our event is like always the FOURTH Saturday in June, known this year as June 23rd.

Chris Wiggins announced Tri-Star Basketball will be at Baker Youth Club. Our event is Feb. 4th from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. & we are hosting the regional on Feb. 11th also at 9:30 a.m.

Pres.-Elect Tracy Furnivall announced our Valentine’s Banquet will be 6:30 p.m. Feb. 8th at the Shrine Building. Cost is $20 per person. Our Optimist Singers will perform.

Past Lt. Gov. Ot Schroeder, introduced us to Octagon members Chris Stetzel, Courtney Stetzel, Andi Frazzetta, Kathy Frazzetta, Chad Goon, Ryan Goon, Nikos Schlitt, Tyler Ostrom, & Lindsey Baker. They collected 30 cans of food & $307.14 from us for their Souper Bowl of Caring. They are donating it to Our Father’s House. Our Octagon club is the oldest & largest in the state. This past Christmas they volunteered over 90 hours as elves at our Santa House. Their advisors from our club are: Ot Schroeder, Jerry Clevenger, Mitch Goon, & Bob Jackson.

Tracy Horrell introduced Carmen Flores who introduced us to our Students of the Week from Lakeland Christian Academy: Emilee Catron, Hannah Gannon, Kati Jennings, Emily Kreider, Matthew McQuade, Madi Myers, Katy Reneker, Christopher Silveus, Lexi Urschalitz, & Ross Wallen.

Lt. Gov. Sam Whitaker reported that he & President John Sullivan, Past Gov. Ron Donkers (organizer of the meeting), Past Lt. Gov. Ot Schroeder (Joy program), Treasurer Jennifer Dorman (TriStar Basketball), & Jim Hayes (Website) attended our District meeting last weekend.

Pres. John Sullivan agreed we WILL meet the morning of Feb. 8th at our usual time. Several of us thought, we are up anyway, why not eat & have fun.

Deb Miller reminded us of our Feb. 24th Oratorical Contest. The theme this year is “Optimism Helps Me Overcome Obstacles.” We need judges who are not members of our club.

Jim Hayes announced our Club Directories are out. Thanks go to Dr. Jason Rich, Jim Hayes, Trina Hoy, & Allegra.

Please pray for our Troops and Families: LCpl Matt Miles – Marines

Sergeants-at-Arms: Luke Becknell, Bob Jackson & Jim Nesbitt entertained us.
The following won awards from the Chamber of Commerce:
Bill Landrigan (Man of the Year);
Joel Wihebrink (Entrepreneur of the Year);
Trace Hansen (Young Adult Professional);
Bart Templeton’s employer, Sorg Nissan (Dimensions in Excellence);
Mayor Dr. Joe Thallemer’s mother-in-law, Janet Warren (Woman of the Year).
Twenty-five years ago Past Lt. Gov. Dr. David Haines was the Chamber’s Man of the Year.
Kathy Kurosky is celebrating a new grandchild.
Coach Jim Kessler’s team had a better game yesterday.
Past Pres. George Brennan is back from his trip.
Those who played against Past Pres. Noel Hoke’s team were recognized.
Bruce Hansen covered the cost of our club’s “one dollar check” to Cardinal Center.
Dr. David Haines is proud to see 2 of his grandchildren in Octagon.

50/50: Don Kenipe won $25, some of which ended up in the Sergeants’ hands.

Program: Our State Representative, Dave Wolkins gave us his report from the Statehouse. With all that was going on to get ready for the Super Bowl he feels fortunate to get out of town.

The big news is that Indiana is finally about to become a Right To Work state. Economic development directors have said for years that about one third of the companies they solicit will not even consider you if you are not in a Right To Work state. We have hopes of attracting even more business. Thanks to Rep. Wolkins, Rep Kubacki, & Senator Mishler for working on this & taking the heat to improve our economic advantage.

Rep. Wolkins has worked on HB 1002 to eliminate 25 outdated advisory boards to make our government more efficient.

On the regional sewer district issue: Residents do not have to hook up if each 5 years they have a working septic system.

Drug testing of Welfare recipients and state legislators is going to the Senate.

Existing hunting preserves are grandfathered in. New preserves need to be over 200 acres. This is going to the Senate.