Wednesday, September 5, 2012

 Future Dates  

09/07 Big Wheel Race at Warsaw Downtown Days

09/08 Safe Assured ID

09/08 To Bourbon and Back bicycle race

09/08 Warsaw Tiger Basketball Golf Classic

09/12 Tom Kline – WCS Student Test Scores

09/15 Art in the Park

09/19 WCHS Chess Club

10/03 Ben Barkey – STEM Program

10/17 Trace Hansen – U.S. Olympic Committee


Wednesday, September 5, 2012 


83 Optimists & 4 guests attended our meeting.  Matt Deeds was the guest of Jon Lippe; Diane and Carson Kerlin were the guests of Rick Kerlin; and Kris Farwell was the guest of Al Grossnickle.   

Door Greeters: Andy Swihart and Trace Hansen.   

Prayer was offered by Coach Jim Kessler. 

Pledge was given to the American flag. 

Promise yourself was said in unison.

Martin Becker led us as we sang “Hail to Optimism.” 

Birthday Honoree:  Olivia Divine.  Martin Becker led us in the birthday song with great results.


            >>>> INFORMATION

Prayer Requests: 

Everett Nifong’s family at the passing of his father, Max Nifong.

Bonnie Bradley’s family at her passing.


Membership:  Scott Whitaker read Allan Kember’s application.  Allan is sponsored by Trina Hoy.


Past Lt. Gov. Ot Schroeder kept an empty chair in honor of Bonnie Bradley.


President John Sullivan read the amendment to our Bylaws.  Copies of the amendment were on the tables for us to review.  The amendment is Article V, Section 1, about termination of membership.


President-Elect Tracy Furnivall is looking for people to serve on the program committee.


Sheriff of Attendance:  Sheriff Bill Landrigan thanked the 25 people who called him last week.  Deputy Harry Gigous is on a stake-out.   


Deputy Harry Gigous is our newest board member.


Fred Nieter invited the 11 and 1 Warsaw Tiger Volleyball Team here to see Thomas Jefferson.  Coach Mike Howard introduced us to his team:  Katie VallyAux SandyEmily PoeMegan ChaunceyTaylor JaggerMarie WestChloe HubnerDelaney GobleSamantha JensenPeyton AdamiecJamie LachetaRebecca AilesOlivia Divine, and Emma Bonifield.     


Jim Hayes reported he, Dr. Jason Rich, and Trina Hoy are working on the new Directory.  If you want a new photograph, please see Trina Hoy.  Jim sent out an e-mail to everyone to check their information; please respond or tell Jim or Jason your information.  See Jim or Jason if you are doing an advertisement.  Thanks to our Directory team.  It is a difficult task. 


Tracy Horrell announced Art in the Park will be September 15, 2012.  Helpers are needed in shifts between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Dave Meier reports the Big Wheel Race will be in conjunction with the First Friday, September 7.  Registration starts at 5:30 p.m. and the race begins at 6:30 p.m.  We provide the volunteers and Penguin Point provides the prizes.  The Times-Union did a nice front page write-up for us.     


Ron Chambers invited us to visit the Rochester Optimist Club the morning of September 17th.


Optimist Singers:  Martin Becker and Millie Andrews thanked the club for the new Yamaha keyboard.  It sounds great!


President John Sullivan presented Kris Farwell with a $250 check for the First Lego League.  Our own Akash Jain is coaching some of the kids in robotics. 


Coach Doug Ogle invited us to participate in the Warsaw Tiger Basketball Golf Classic on September 8th at Rozella Ford Golf Course.  Registration is at 8:30 am for 9 a.m. play and 1:00 p.m. for 1:30 p.m. play.  $55 per player covers cart, greens fee, lunch, gift, and refreshments.  Sponsors are also needed. or 371-5099 ext 2363.


Jay Tate announced we will enroll young people in Safe Assured ID at the Family Safety Day at Center Lake on September 8th.  Shifts are from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. 


Luke Becknell invited cyclists to participate in the 2 Bourbon & Back for cystic fibrosis on September 8, 2012.  $15 entry fee ($18 after August 31st).  Family entry fee $40 ($45 after August 31st). or .


Trina Hoy invisted us to the Warsaw – Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce’s Taste & Trade Expo on October 12 and 13 at the Orthopaedic Capital Center.  Exhibitors are needed.


Please pray for our Troops and Families:   Bryan Ashton – Marines



David Best recreated American History in the person of Thomas Jefferson.  Thomas Jefferson was our third President, author of the Declaration of Independence, and of the Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom, and the founder of the University of Virginia. 

He recounted the writing of the Declaration of Independence.  The Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia was led by John Hancock in 1776.  One of the problems in the Revolution was that each colony had declared their separate independence from Britain, but the Colonies as a whole had not done so.  The war started in 1775 and still the colonies had not declared independence from Britain.

To make things more difficult, some delegates at the Congress did not want to break with Britain.  Richard Henry Lee motioned they declare their independence.  Davidson from Pennsylvania motioned that this should be unanimous among the colonies. 

John Adams motioned for a document to explain why the colonies wanted independence.  A committee of five was appointed to come up with the document.  The members were to be:  John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Sherman, Livingston, and Richard Henry Lee.  Lee declined to serve and suggested Thomas Jefferson be added to the committee.  The committee came up with the basics of the document and assigned Thomas Jefferson to write it.  He wrote the Declaration of Independence in 17 days.  He had some experience doing this sort of thing.  He had written the Preamble to the Virginia Declaration of Independence. 

On July 2, 1776 the Congress voted unanimously for independence.  On July 4, 1776 10 colonies delegations voted for it.  New York abstained, since they had no instructions from their state legislature.  South Carolina held out for the removal of language that would stop slavery.  Davidson, the leader of the Pennsylvania delegation was going to vote no.  But Benjamin Franklin motioned the Pennsylvania delegation be poled.  Davidson voted no, Franklin voted yes.  The third delegate voted yes, to avoid being the one to stop the Declaration.  At which point the leader of the New York delegation voted yes.  That is how the unanimous Declaration of Independence came to be.    


By the way Thomas Jefferson is MUCH younger than he looks.  He went to school with Don Kenipe.