Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011

Future Dates
8/27 Cruisin’ Hoosiers Car Show for BYC
9/7 Kip Tom / Tom Farms
9/10 Art in the Park
9/10 “2 Bourbon & Back”
9/20 visit Plymouth Club
11/11 CASA Holiday Festival
79 Optimists & 8 guests attended our meeting. Lila Shelburne was the guest of Mary Ellen Jordan; Scott Feather was the guest of Cory Rogers; Linda Rodri-guez was the guest of Craig Nayrocker; Ken Zortman was the guest of Jim Walmer; Jordan Hansen was the guest of Trace Hansen; Sally Mahnken, Mackenzie Cloutier, & Renea Salyer were the guests of George Brennan.
Door Greeters: Doug Jones & George Brennan.
Prayer was offered by Doug Ogle.
Pledge was given to the American Flag.
Promise yourself was said in unison.
Birthday Honorees: Scott Whitaker & Sam Whitaker. Dr. David Haines led us in the birthday song with the usual results.
Membership: Scott Whitaker read Steve Haber-man’s, Lila Shelburne’s, Scott Feather’s, Ken Zort-man’s, & Linda Rodriguez’s applications. Jim Bricker, Mary Ellen Jordan, Cory Rogers, Jim Walmer, & Craig Nayrocker sponsored Steve, Lila, Scott, Ken, & Linda respectively..
Our Club Directory editor, Dr. Jason Rich, asked those who need their picture taken to see Trina Hoy. Those who want to place an advertisement in our di-rectory should see Jason or Jim Hayes.
Art Gakstatter asked us to help at the Cruisin’ Hoo-sier Car Show for Baker Youth Club this Saturday, August 27 at the old Petro’s. Shifts are from 11:30am to 1:30pm & from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. Come to the raffle table to sign-in. Help is needed in parking, tak-ing money at the gate, safety, & registration.
Tracy Horrell announced that Art in the Park will be Sept. 10.
Ron Chambers announced we will visit the Plymouth Club Sept. 20 for breakfast.
Luke Becknell invited us to participate in this year’s 2 Bourbon & Back cycling for Cystic Fibrosis on Sept. 10.
Past Pres. George Brennan invited us to the CASA Holiday Festival fundraiser on Nov. 11 at the Bio-met Hanger. There will be a silent auction in addition to the wines, beers, liqueurs, coffees, & hors D’ Oeu-vres.
CASA director, Sally Mahnken, thanked us for the check they received from us.
Video Editor: Jim Hayes played videos of talented athletes doing golf & baseball tricks. Sportsrisq You Tube.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Major William Graham, Army 101st Airborne, Chaplain
Sergeants-at-Arms: Max Mock, Denny Andrews, Jeff Owens & Dr. David Haines entertained us. Dr. Haines told us a story of a cabbie kissing a nun. Mary Ellen Jordan & Mary Ann Gradeless are cele-brating a new granddaughter & great-granddaughter, Rebecca. John Sullivan was “blocked” on his way to our meeting. Jon Lippe & Tracy Horrell were recog-nized for their renewed efforts educating our chil-dren. Those who watched the wonderful WNIT pro-gram on Warsaw/Winona Lake & failed to give were fined. On that program Dr. Dane Miller endorsed Dr. Joe Thallemer for mayor. Art Gakstatter’s boat was shown prior to the rooster tail.
Mark Nunez won our 50/50.
Program: Sally Mahnken, introduced us to Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Several of our members are active with CASA. There are 60 CASAs serving nearly 300 kids in our area. The kids are either at risk for abuse & neglect or are in cus-tody disputes. Volunteers advocate for the best in-terest of the child in the court system. Our CASA program trains & supports CASA volunteers. More information is at