Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Future Dates
10/11 board meeting
10/13 Kris Bex—Remnant Trust
10/15 Optimist Singers @Taste&Trade
10/16 Safe Assured ID @Taste& Trade
10/20 Mark Dobson—Ch of Commerce
10/27 Dr. Ron Manahan—Grace Col-lege
81 Optimists & 5 guests attended our meeting: Josie McGrew guest of Dr. David Haines; Jim Bricker & Scott Hoskins guests of Lecia Derrossett; Chuck Kane guest of John Burtoft; Rick Ralston guest of Lyle Enyeart.
Door Greeters: Joe Sutton & Ed Nordstrom.
Prayer was offered by Henry Church.
Pledge was given to the American Flag.
Promise yourself was said in unison.
Birthday Honorees: Mitch Goon & Ot Schroeder. Martin Becker led the Optimist Singers with great re-sults.
Membership: Past Pres. Ot Schroeder inducted Ty-ler Miller & Chad Zaucha. Everett Nifong read the 3rd reading for Doug Jones, Josie McGrew’s 2nd reading, & Chuck Kane’s 1st reading. Sponsors are John Elliott for Chad, Trina Hoy for Tyler, George Brennan for Doug, Dr. David Haines for Josie, & John Burtoft for Chuck.
Safe Assured ID: Trace Hansen reported our next event is 10/16 at the Taste & Trade Expo at Grace’s Orthopaedic Capital Center. There are openings for the 2 hour shifts that start at noon & 2pm.
We are looking for a new chair or co-chair for Safe Assured ID. We owe Trace our gratitude for the many hours he has put into Safe Assured ID.
Our Optimist Singers will sing at 5:30pm, 10/15 at the Taste & Trade Expo at Grace’s Orthopaedic Capi-tal Center.
President Joel Wihebrink led us in a standing ovation for outgoing President Sam Whitaker. We just finished a wonderful year under his leadership. We had a wonderful time at our awards banquet last Wednes-day.
President Joel Wihebrink announced our next board meeting is at 7pm on Oct. 11 at the Fairgrounds.
Pres. Joel Wihebrink reminded us we will vote on our bylaws at our 10/13 meeting.
Newsletter: If you currently get this newsletter by mail & do not mind receiving it by email, please let Craig Nayrocker know. Thank you for saving us postage!
Art Gakstatter is looking for help with the downtown Spooktackular, Oct. 29. Help is needed for various jobs from 5:30pm through the evening.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Jeff Owens, Dr. David Haines, Max Mock, & Denny Andrews entertained us. John Burtoft won the Mary Louise Lowe Life Award from Kosc. Right to Life. Angie & Kyle Tom are celebrat-ing their 9th anniversary. Golfers who hit a hole in one were recognized. Joel Wihebrink’s kids ate hot dogs today at Sacred Heart thanks to Barbara Haines. We need to start wearing our lapel pins to avoid extra fines. Merl Heckaman has plenty of Bob-cats even though the DNR says they are rare. Jeff Owens is glad that Brad Bishop has helped our Ora-torical Contest for years. John Teevan & his profes-sors have been able to cell to cell at Pendleton even though there is an ongoing lockdown. Dr. Steve Hol-lar’s daughter Meredith was instrumental in the Lady Tigers’ recent win. Pete Gano reported we can but $10 coupons to Elder Beermans next week for $5 to benefit the Chain of Lakes Men’s Chorus.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
Brad Andrews – Border Patrol
Program: Bard Bishop director of OrthoWorx in-formed us of their efforts to advance and support growth and innovation within our area’s globally sig-nificant orthopedics device sector. OrthoWorx en-gages and enhances the broader community inter-ests that both serve and depend upon the sector’s continued growth by targeting an integrated set of educational, workforce, cultural, communication, branding, logistical and entrepreneurial efforts.