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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Barb Smolen, Executive Director of the Warsaw Education Foundation told us of their development from being a catalyst for partnerships between business and schools for the enrichment of students. Now they also fundraise to provide recognition for excellent teachers and provide grants for innovative academic opportunities. Our ownMitch Goon is the board president of WEF. Past Pres. John Elliott, Mike Hall, and Tom Kline are on the WEF board.

One of the opportunities WEF sponsors is the Warsaw Community Schools Chess Club. Jay Bolduc…………………..

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 Future Dates   09/14 Octagon 1st meeting 09/14 Big Wheel Race at Warsaw Downtown Days 09/15 Art in the Park 09/17 visit Rochester club 09/19 WCHS Chess Club 09/25 Meet Your Candidates 09/26 Awards BREAKFAST 10/03 Ben Barkey – STEM Program 10/10 Jim Kessler – History of Basketball 10/12 & 13 Taste and Trade 10/17 Trace Hansen – U.S. Olympic Committee 10/24 Joe Bryan – WCHS Advanced Transportation     Wednesday, September 12, 2012  >>>>OPENING 98 Optimists...