Our Optimist Singers entertained us. They were great as usual.
President Sam Whitaker announced our major awards:
Rooky of the Year:
Lyle Enyeart
Optimist of the Year:
John Elliott
Pillars of the Community:
Everett Nifong and Ron Donkers
President Sam Whitaker honored the following with plaques:
Incoming President: Joel Wihebrink
Vice-Presidents: Angie Tom, Jon Lippe
Secretary: Jerry Titus
Treasurer: Jennifer Dorman
Board of Directors (terms expiring):
Nancy Boston, Jim Kessler,
Jim Lancaster, Mark Skibowski
Optimist Sheriff: William Landrigan
Respect for Law: Scott Whitaker
Salute to Optimist: Stacey Cox
Safe Assured ID: Trace Hansen
Chaplain: Doug Ogle
Membership: Everett Nifong
Optibullette: Craig Nayrocker
Photographer: Trina Hoy
Power Point/Sound: Jim Hayes
Programs: Henry Church
Lyle Enyeart, Merl Heckaman, John Barrett, & Jay Tate Song Leader: Martin Becker
We remembered Bill Hilliard for his many years of ac-tive work in our club.
President Sam Whitaker recognized those with per-fect attendance for the following number of years:
45 years: Ron Chambers
38 years: Dr. David Haines
36 years: Dr. Charles Hollar, John Elliott 32 years: Larry Tucker, Juergen Voss
30 years: Dave Turner
29 years: Don Kenipe
28 years: Don Reinholt, Jerry Titus
24 years: Dennis Andrews
22 years: Ron Donkers, George Paton
20 years: Ken Anderson
19 years: Martin Becker
17 years: Fred Nieter
16 years: Art Gakstatter, Jeff Owens,
Dr.Steve Hollar, Jim Nesbitt
15 years: Robert Jackson
14 years: John Burtoft, Merl Heckaman
13 years: Luke Becknell
12 years: Harry Gigous
11 years: Ot Schroeder
10 years: Jim Hayes, Millie Andrews
9 years: George Brennan,
Mary Ellen Jordan
8 years: Jennifer Dorman,
Kevin Weaver, Ed Nordstrom
7 years: Craig Nayrocker
6 years: Jerry Clevenger,
Sam Whitaker
5 years: Angie Tom, Jim Reeve,
Pat Donkers, Steve McGlothin,
John Teevan
4 years: Everett Nifong
3 years: Peter Gano, Trina Hoy,
Bob Ibach, Mitch Goon
2 years: Henry Church, Trace Hansen, Tracy Horrell, Bill Landrigan, Gary Tanner, Bart Templeton
1 year: Mary Ann Gradeless, Andy Swihart, Joe Thallemer, Joel Wihebrink, Bruce Han-sen, Stacey Cox

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