Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Future Dates
09/18 Art in the Park
09/18 Cub Scout auction
09/22 Ot Schroeder—Drop Out Pre-vention
09/29 Awards Banquet—no morning meeting
83 Optimists & 7 guests attended our meeting: Ty-ler Miller guest of Trina Hoy; Chad Zaucha guest of John Elliott; Douglas Jones guest of George Brennan; Josie & Stryker McGrew guests of Dr. David Haines; Keegan Tom guest of Angie Tom; & Hugh Eagan guest of Sam Whitaker. Door Greeters: Steve Fer-ber & Troy Akers. Prayer was offered by Troy Akers. Pledge was given to the American Flag. Promise yourself was said in unison. Birthday Honorees: Tony Ciriello & Bob Jackson. Martin Becker led us as we sang the birthday song with strong results. Mys-tery Person: Dave Wolkins reported 8 people shook his hand.
Prayer List: Deb Miller on the passing of her mother, Beverly Eherenman. Jim Hayes’ mother, Norma’s cancer recovery.
Membership: Everett Nifong read the 3rd reading for Hugh Eagan, the 2nd reading for Chad Zaucha & Ty-ler Miller & Doug Jones. Sponsors are Sam Whitaker for Hugh, John Elliott for Chad, Trina Hoy for Tyler, & George Brennan for Doug. Trina Hoy sponsored 6 new members this year!
Sherriff Bill Landrigan is getting us here. It was good to see Pete Gano, Steve Wilson, Mike Hall, Dave Wolkins.
Safe Assured ID: Trace Hansen reported 88 enrol-lees on 9/11. He thanked those who volunteered. The next event is 10/16 at the Taste & Trade Expo.
Our Optimist Singers will sing at 6:30pm, 10/15 at the Taste & Trade Expo at Grace’s OCC.
Tracy Horrell needs help for our Art in the Park from 10am to 1pm on Sept 18 at Center Lake Park.
President Sam Whitaker reported we will not have a morning meeting 9/29 since our awards banquet will be 6:30pm that night at Stonehenge. Our Optimist Singers will entertain us. Cost is $15 per person.
Pres. Sam Whitaker reminded us we will vote on our bylaws at our 10/6 meeting. Also we need to pay our dues to cover our non-charity expenses.
Past Pres. Jeff Owens thanked those who recruited for us at the ―Get On Board‖ event.
Turn in your attendance make-up sheets to Don Kenipe with your name legibly printed on it.
Jerry Clevenger reported 66 kids at the 1st Octagon meeting. meetings are the 2nd & 4th Friday morn-ings at the high school. Jerry, Ot Schroeder, Mitch Goon, & Bob Jackson are working with the kids. En-courage your high schools students to participate.
Newsletter: If you currently get this newsletter by mail & do not mind receiving it by email, please let Craig Nayrocker know. Thank you for saving us postage!
Salute to Optimist: Stacey Cox saluted Trace Han-sen and Bruce Hansen.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Merl Heckaman collected happy dollars from us. Bill Landrigan has Right to Life ban-quet tickets. Pete Gano is happy with his stent. An-gie Tom relayed that the Harrison PTO is selling Nel-son’s 9/18. Dr. Jason Rich is expecting a new child next week. Dr. Charles Hollar is glad Steve’s deci-sion to cut class 25 years ago worked out. (Dr. Steve Hollar went back to school.) Martin Becker is looking for wind ensemble members & celebrating his grandson’s birthday. Tracy Horrell is recovering from his iron man competition. John Elliott says, ―Go Buckeyes!‖ Jim Hayes showed us the ―Talk Like a Pirate‖ video. Gary Tanner won our 50/50 again.
Please pray for our Troops and Families:
William Kretsch – Air Force – 52nd Fighter Wing
Program: Angie Tom showed us how Didage Sales provides the medical community with quality prod-ucts, competitive pricing, & friendly service by mar-keting reconditioned & new medical equipment to the U.S. & 46 countries. Didage has an exciting focus on philanthropy. Many agencies have benefited from their efforts.