From our outgoing President

207120_10150160791622605_7433986_nFrom Trace Hansen

it has been a pleasure and honor to have served this outstanding club as President for the last year. In case you missed today’s meeting, i wanted to be sure to publicly praise those individuals that help make our meetings happen, and those that received awards today:
Those that make our meetings work,
Fred Nieter: setting up/removing banners and badge box
Don Kenipe: attendance and guest sign in sheets
Trina Hoy: Powerpoint slides and photography
Jim Hayes: powerpoint and A/V setup
John Kirkpatrick: greeter arrangements
Ron Henry: Invocation arrangements
Marty Becker: Optimist and Birthday songs
Millie Andrews: Optimist song piano and get well cards
Kris Farwill: 50/50 sales
Joel Wihebrink, Tim Hamman & Bob Bishop: entertainment 🙂

And our award winners for 2015-2016 are:

Board of Directors Service Awards:
Scott Reust: 2015-2016
Don Reinholt: 2006-2016
Gina Voelz: 2013-2016
Rick Kerlin: 2013-2016
George Brennan: 2014-2016 Vice President

Rookies of The Year:

Jennifer Kerns: Jennifer jumped right in, filling in as CEO report director, and being elected to the board. She has been an active participant at meetings, board meetings, club events and activities. She is a presence for our club in the community through her job, and outgoing personality.

Jason Gergely: Jason also jumped right in agreeing to co-chair the Triathlon with new members Adam Heckaman and Kris Shipley(also deserving special kudos). He spent time learning the ropes, handled heh awards presentation like a seasoned pro, was involved with the golf outing, and recently elected to the Board. He is a regular presence at our meetings and also serves our club well in the community with his optimistic attitude and demeanor.

Chad came to our community roughly 6 years ago to become CEO of our YMCA. Chad made his mark by being an active member in our club, and a visible face in the community, He exemplifies optimism, passion, commitment, and a can-do, get-it-done attitude. Chad was instrumental in lining up the partnerships and funding needed to build a new YMCA, bringing an end to a long time need within the Y. It is clear, that the optimism and moral compass that Chad possesses is strong and contagious, as evidenced by any of his staff members you may encounter at the Y. the example of a good leader is always followed. Chad, you didn’t build the new Y, but you were definitely instrumental in getting it done, and getting it done right. The mark that you are leaving behind is a good one, a strong one. One that will benefit this community for generations to come. Your job and title may be filled by someone, some name, but your influence at the Y and more so within our community will not be replaced. Because of this, you are recognized as a Pillar of Our Community for 2016. We will ALL miss you OUR FRIEND!

This could easily be changed to the Optimist of the Decade award. Again, a very tough choice as we have so many qualified candidates. Many people step up throughout a year. Marty however, has stepped up for many, many years, in many ways. From his involvement working the Triathlon, to supporting the golf outing, helping with other Club events, to the numerous projects he leads throughout our community, graciously donating his time, talents, and valuable knowledge. he is here an hour early almost every week, leads the birthday song, leads the many engagements scheduled throughout the year for our Optimist Singers, and as stated before, has done this for many years. It is with great pleasure that i announce Marty Becker as the recipient of the 2016 Optimist of the Year. I cannot thank you enough on behalf of the club and myself for all you have done and contributed to our club and community.

Fellow members, it was an honor to serve you. I hope that each and every one of you felt welcomed, and appreciated during this last year. You are all important members of a great club. I look forward to continuing as a valuable member myself, and will always be available to help, answer questions, or do whatever is needed as a friend, peer, and club member. Thank you for making this past 12 months one of the best times of my life. You all made me feel a part of something big.

Trace Hansen
President 2015-2016