February 1, 2017

February 1, 2017

Attendance: 84


Invocation by: Luke Becknell

Greeters: Rick Kerlin, Max Mock

Members & Guests: 

  1. Dave Turner (Scott Turner)
  2. Eli Graham (Doug Ogle)
  3. Erica Elliot (Travis McConnell)
  4. Helen Berry (Travis McConnell)
  5. Kevin Harter (Jim Smith)


Carla Carlton, Doug Baumgartner, Steve McGlothin. Happy Birthday!

Check Presentation:

  • none


Brooke Hamstra conducted:

1st Reading:

  • Erica Elliot (Travis McConnell)

2nd Reading:

3rd Reading:

  • Kevin Harter (Jim Smith)



Town of Winona Lake, by Nick Hauck, Manager of Village of Winona. 

Committee Reports/Announcements:

  • Ot Schroeder is Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year!
  • Eric Lane received Distinguished Service Award
  • Amy Sibley introduced the Students of the Week: Wrigley Crabtree, Nicholas Luna, Lillian Gunder, Tia Johnson, Darian Miller, Lorelle Perry, Diana Valesquez, Seth Hildebrand, Anna Gustafson, Elizabeth Stone
  • Chris Maierle talked about the Oratorical Contest, February 24
  • February 2nd is National Optimist Day

CEO Report:

  • Doug Baumgardner, by Jen Kerns : Joined Optimist April 14, Married to Hanni, three children. Has lived in Warsaw for 17 years. Occupation: City President, 1st Source Bank. Hobbies: Spending time with wife and children, backpacking, golf, weight lifting/exercising, Michigan football, Manchester United soccer. Burning Desire: To be the best husband, father, and leader I can be. Key to success: Be the hardest worker, listen before speaking, have the highest integrity and give God all the glory. Honors: Assistant Treasurer. Something No-one knows about me: I met my wife while performing in a musical production. Favorite Optimist Memory: The optimist singers performances. The Veterans Day and Christmas programs are always uplifting.

50/50: Dave Turner won!

Sergeants-at-arms:  Jim Smith, Juergen Voss, and Travis McConnell entertained us.


  1. Thank You Guests & Members.
  2. Clean your tables.


Thanks and have an Optimist Week!

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