Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Upcoming Programs:


8/24-National Weather Service/Mike Lewis

8/31-Beloved, Not Forgotten/Dawnna Plummer


9/7-Polywood/Sharon Doan

9/14-WCHS Athletics/Dave Anson

9/21-Ghost Tours/Greg Steffe



President, Trace Hansen, called our meeting to order at @ 7:00am.

Invocation by:  Jim Smith.

Greeters:     Jo Faulkner & Michele Bickel.

105 Members & Guests:       

  1. Melvin Foster-guest of Kris Farwell.
  2. Stu Wysong-guest of John Elliott.
  3. Jeanine Corson-guest of David Robertson.

Birthdays:  Brian Brauchla, Jon Fussle, Eric Lane, and Matt Deeds.  Happy Birthday!


Pam Galloway conducted:

  • 1st Reading-Stu Wysong-who was sponsored by John Elliott.
  • 3rd Reading-Jeanine Corson who was sponsored by David Robertson.

Program:  Dr. Nate Bosch from Lakes & Streams presented this morning.  Thank you for the information and for sharing your passion with our group!

Committee Reports/Announcements:

  • We need help with the Optimist Directory, please contact Jim Hayes if you can help.  Also contact him if any of your contact information has changed.
  • Trina Hoy will be taking new photos for the Directory.
  • Optimist Directory is in the works, please contact Jason Rich regarding your contact information or advertising opportunities.
  • Randy Polston thanked the members who were able to help with the “Back To The Days” event, $12,000 has been raised.
  • Ray Wolf letter.

Check Presentation:

Jennifer Lucht gave Randy Polston a check in the amount of $500 for “Back to the Days” event help on September 30th.  

Sheriff Report:

Deputy Gigous gave a report this morning.

CEO Report:

Jennifer Kerns introduced Alan Lucht as our CEO this morning!  Thank you for your continued commitment to our club and community!!!


Sergeants-at-arms:  They entertained us.


  1. Next Week:  National Weather Service/Mike Lewis
  2. Thank You Guests & Speaker.
  3. Clean your tables.

Quote: “You can’t put a limit on anything.  The more you dream, the farther you get.”  -Michael Phelps.

Thanks and have an Optimist Week!