Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Upcoming Events:


2/4-Pottery Bayou/Gina Voelz

2/11-Tincaps/John Nolan

2/18-Lake City Roller Dolls/

2/25-Smart 911/ 


3/4-WCHS Poetry Contest Winners

3/11-PAC/Laurie Schotz

3/18-Oratorical Contest Winners

3/25-WCS CAO/David Robertsen 


President Rick Kerlin led our meeting. 

83 Optimists & guests: 

  • Chuck Lewton-guest of Jeff Owens.
  • Vicky Owens-guest (wife) of Jeff Owens.
  • Steve Koontz-guest of Doug Ogle.
  • Kyle Glaze-guest of Kyle Dukes.
  • Jennifer Pyle-guest of Rick Kerlin.
  • Tom Altruda-guest (fiancé) of Kellie Malcolm.
  • Jim Malcolm-guest (father) of Kellie Malcolm.
  • Andrew O’Connell-guest of George Brennan.
  • Adam Reed-guest of George Brennan.
  • Liz McKinley-guest of Trina Hoy.
  • WCHS Girls Basketball team and Coach Michelle Harter.
  • Octagon Club.

Door Greeters:   Bart Templeton and Noel Hoke. 

Prayer:  Will Thrasher. 

Pledge was given to the American flag. 

Promise yourself was said in unison. 

Hail to Optimism was sung in unison. 

Birthday Honorees:  Scott Reust and Steve McGlothin.  Happy Birthday! 

Check Presentation:

Gina Voelz presented a $300.00 check to Liz McKinley from COW Parks to go towards their Annual Family Carnival event. 


Membership Chair, Kellie Malcolm, conducted

  • 1st Reading for:
    • Andrew O’Connell-Sponsored by George Brenan
  • 3rd Reading for:
    • Jennifer Pyle-Sponsored by Rick Kerlin. 

CEO Report (Club Essential Optimists):

Jenna Secrist announced James Nesbitt.

James has been a member since 1981 and was inducted with Don Kenipe.  He has been married to his lovely wife, Nancy McBride, for 56 years.  He has two sons and six grandchildren.  They do not have any pets.  He was a teacher and missionary before he retired in 2009.  Now he is a mission director scholar in residence at Grace.  He enjoys sailing, hiking and singing in choirs.  He has lived in Winona Lake on and off since 1959.  Something that nobody knows about him is that he went to Princeton and he was on the first team for cross country to win the state title for Evanston High School.  He is trained for forward observer for artillery in the US Army and he played war games specialist in terrorist warfare with nuclear biological and political implications.  His key to success is he is very optimistic and happy.  His optimist memory is Ron Henry in 1987 and the Wabash Cannonball.  His honors include Past President 2003-2004, US Army Lieutenant, he edited the first picture book for the club and he was an Optimist Singer. 

Committee Reports:

  • Tri-Star Basketball-Feb. 9th @ 2pm, BYC. Local competition for kids ages 8-13, FREE event.  Shoot free throws, layups, dribble through cones and pass the ball at a target.
  • Oratorical Contest-March 6th this year as part of First Friday’s downtown.
  • Car Show will be in May 17th this year.
  • Golf Outing will be on June 18th.
  • The Triathlon will have an option to kayak this year as well. 


  • Invoices for dues, please pay Doug Baumgardner.
  • Octagon Club asked for donations for their Super Bowl of Caring event where they will be donating items to Our Father’s House.
  • Please add to your safe sender email list!
  • Are you on Facebook, be sure you go to our page ( and “Like Us.”

 50/50:  Jim Reeve was the winner of $74 this morning! 

Video:  None. 

Sergeants-at-Arms:  Jeff Owens and Steve Hollar entertained us:

 James Nesbitt, Max Mock and Dave Turner were in an audience clap competition for the title of “The Most Interesting Man in Optimist.” Max Mock was the winner and a photo was displased. 

  • 5 Things You Need To Know about….
    • Don Kenipe:
      • 50/50 or Lottery = 50/50.
      • Speeding limit/5 miles over = Speeding limit.
      • New/Used vehicle = Used.
      • Donkey/Elephant = Elephant.
      • Has there ever been a two term President in our Optimist Club? Yes, can you name them….no!  
    • $1 Charge:
      • Ron Henry for his wig/toupee party.
      • Bill Landrigan was asked what the dates for the Tri-Star and Oratorical events were going to be.
      • Bart Templeton was asked when the Car Show was going to be, since he sells cars (trucks).
      • Merl vs. Fred, what is worse….one of Fred’s jokes or the same bad Merl joke. Merl won that battle. 
  • Optimistic $1:
    • Karen Kaufman gave $1 and said that James Nesbitt was an amazing French professor as well.
    • Brooke Hamstra gave $2 one for the Optimist Singers performance at the Annual Chamber Dinner last week and one to encourage members to attend a District meeting to learn more about what Optimist and our club does and has to offer.
    • John Teevan gave $1 and had James Nesbitt tell us about his experience with Albert Einstein. 


Doc Haines presented this morning and gave us a lesson on the History of the Warsaw Breakfast Optimist Club.  Some highlights include: 

  • Nov. 13, 1958 our club was established by the Fort Wayne Optimist Club.
  • The Bulletin started Jan. 28, 1959 (56 years ago today) and it was called “The Seven Bells of Warsaw.”
  • In 1975 it was called the Opty Bulletin and then later became the Optibullett.
  • Doc Haines was member #45 when he joined.
  • Our Creed was written by Christian Larson. 

Thank you for all the insight and information on the history of our club Doc.  You did a great job! 


  • Invite a Guest.
  • Clean up tables.
  • Next Week’s Program: Pottery Bayou by Gina Voelz.
  • Next Week’s Guests: Edgewood Students of the Week.
  • Quote: “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.” –Colin Powell.