2010 Quiz Bowl

I approached the annual Quiz Bowl with the same optimism as I do every year. I also approach it knowing that I will be served a large dose of humble pie and that no matter how much schooling I’ve had, 60 questions will reaffirm that I do not, nor ever will, know it all.

At the end of the night, Luke proved to be the anchor, George provided the annual mix of knowledge and hilarious guessing, and I did my best to change correct answers to wrong ones. Being an Optimist, however, allows me to forget each year how ignorant I felt the previous year and have the same feeling of optimism about the next Quiz Bowl.

Jason Rich
Our team gave 150% effort in answering the questions. However we were
handicapped by our proctor, a fellow morning Optimist, of whom it is too
painful to mention the name. He is the owned of a landscape maintenance
company in Warsaw.


George Brennan
I have been on the “team” several times. It is always a lot of fun and while we don’t come in first we hold our own. It is a chance to get to know the other team members a little better and to interact with many other organizations here in the community. It is also nice to see our club members actively involved in other civic and business organizations that are contributing to this project.
It has always been an honor for me to represent the Warsaw Breakfast Optimist Club, wherever and whenever I have had that privilege. Having attended a national convention, been to some of the trainings at the district and the national levels, and meeting members of other clubs from all over the nation, I have observed that this club is hard to beat at anything it undertakes. We are a major contributor to the well being of our community by doing the things we do for the youth. We should all be proud of our affiliation with this merry band of men and women. I know I am.

Denny Andrews