Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, May 22, 2024

Presiding – Charlie Wagner

Attendance – 93

Greeters – Jason Gergely & Lois Borkholder

Invocation – Glen Hall

Guests – Stacey Leek, Patrick Webb, Randy Polston, Ami Pitt, Jamie Brennan, Kristin Huscher-Pahl

Birthdays – Rev Layne Sumer 17th, Trace Hansen 20th, Ron Donkers 21st

Happy Birthday to Layne Sumner and Ron Donkers

Announcements – Car show May 26th, Triathlon June 22nd, golf outing Sept 10th, reminder-Alpha dining hall June 26th, July 3rd, and July 10th.

Check presentation – CCS Tools for school $3,000

Check presented to Combined Community Service

Membership – Stacey Leek inducted by Denny Andrews

Stacey Leek being inducted by past president Denny Andrews.

Membership Moment – Jim Brennan was interviewed

50/50 – Denny Andrews won $44

Program – Optimist Singers

Optimist Singers perform Memorial Day Program

Quote – Did you know – Peanuts are on the ingredients in dynamite.

Next week’s program – Mentone Egg Festival