Warsaw Breakfast Optimist, May 24, 2023

Cheryl Stalter from Boomerang Backpacks shared the mission of this program that provides food over the weekend for students who struggle with hunger.

Presiding – Chris Plack

Attendance – 78

Greeters – Todd Davis & Josh Sibert

Invocation – Steve Hollar


  • Dues – are due each quarter, $110.
  • Car Show – is completed! Brent Mock made a report, there were 153 cars registered
  • Triathlon – We have 150 registrants at this time, more than double the registrations from last year, need sponsors, sponsorships range from $200 to $5,000
  • Ron Chambers suggested that members might want to visit a couple of members that cannot make it to the meetings
Happy Birthday to Ron Donkers, Andy Swihart & Ron Chambers

Birthdays – Ron Donkers, Ron Chambers, Andy Swihart

Dawn Wilkinson had her first reading

Membership – Dawn Wilkinson had her first reading

50-50 – $29 to Bill Landrigan

Sergeants – Susan Armacost was our intern for the day. Gardening questions were asked and answered, Travis McConnell’s table was fined $1.00 each

Program – Ben Snider introduced Cheryl Stalter who began the Boomerang Backpack program for Warsaw Community Schools. This program provides food for the weekend for students that do not have enough food in their homes.