Triathlon Registered Participants

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NOTE: The online registration website is not directly linked to This list is updated every Wednesday or Thursday with both and the mailed in registrations.
LAST UPDATE: April 15, 2015 11:48 pm
NameCity, StateAgeGroupShirtBIB
Allen, LindaWhite Pigeon, MI55Kayak Bike RunL-DR112
Asher, ForresterSouth Whitley, IN49Men 45 to 49L-DR153
Baker, JoshColumbia City, IN43Men 40 to 44M105
Beier, JoeFort Wayne, IN51Men 50 to 54XL154
Bell, JustinNappanee, IN34Men 30 to 34XL145
Bell, TylerWarsaw, IN31Men 30 to 34M101
Bendixen, Nanile'aFalls Church, VA31Women 30 to 34L135
Bos , AmandaFishers, IN36Women 35 to 39S144
Bougher, JimFort Wayne, IN53Men 50 to 54L178
Bussberg, Jerry Goshen, IN56Men 55 to 59L119
Clarke, KarlaKendalville, IN47Women 45 to 49M116
Delange, Jocelyn Painesville , OH24Women 20 to 24M161
Delange, Todd Painesville , OH26Men 25 to 29L160
Dervin, JosephGoshen, IN71Clydesdale MastersL131
Dowe, AllisonIndianapolis, IN29Women 25 to 29S149
Drudge, EddieClaypool, IN57Men 55 to 59L-DR102
Etter, Katie Van Wert, OH21Women 20 to 24M172
Feighner, SpencerFort Wayne, IN34Men 30 to 34XL114
Fenton, Nicholas Chicago, IL29Men 25 to 29M117
Fuze, LizColumbia City, IN51Women 50 to 54L-DR139
Gackenheimer, MelonieWarsaw, IN32Women 30 to 34S-DR181
Geiger, LandonFort Wayne, IN30Men 30 to 34M-DR137
Gentz, KathrynFort Wayne, IN31Women 30 to 34S-DR165
Graney, WillWarsaw, IN14Youth 13/14M751
Greenawalt, GregoryBourbon, IN39Men 35 to 39M-DR180
Grubert, Jeremiah Elkhart, IN35Relay MixedL-DR721
Grubert, KatherineElkhart, IN34Relay MixedS-DR721
Gunn, NathanWakarusa, IN25Men 25 to 29L-DR142
Hammond, Don Elkhart, IN55Men 55 to 59L104
Hartman, StaceyFort Wayne, IN36Women 35 to 39S150
Helfrich, AdamSyracuse, IN33Men 30 to 34L167
Hemsath, FredSt. Joseph, MI72Men 70 to 74L125
Holder, VickiFort Wayne, IN38Women 35 to 39S-DR177
Hollar, MeredithWarsaw, IN21Women 20 to 24M171
Homme, SteveWarsaw, IN52Men 50 to 54L156
Houze, AlexenderLeesburg, IN37Men 35 to 39L168
Hyde, NathanFort Wayne, IN27Men 25 to 29L134
Hyde, SamanthaFort Wayne, IN28Women 25 to 29S133
Johnson Bussberg, TiffanyGoshen, IN33Women 30 to 34S118
Johnson, AndersFort Wayne, IN70Men 70 to 74L-DR115
Jones, Aaron Argos, IN31Men 30 to 34L108
Knouff, MargWarsaw, IN69Kayak Bike RunS-DR152
Krull, HeatherFort Wayne, IN44Women 40 to 44M157
Langham, JulieFort Wayne, IN40Kayak Bike RunL132
Lucas, AustinFremont, IN29Men 25 to 29M173
Marshall, JordanFort Wayne, IN36Men 35 to 39M107
Mauger, RobbinColumbia City, IN55Women 55 to 59L169
Mccoy, KathyAlbion, IN57Relay - WomenL-DR722
Mcdaniels, JasonRoanoke, IN41Men 40 to 44S123
Miller, JeffWarsaw, IN62Men 60 to 64L-DR151
Moyle, ShepRoanoke, IN53Men 50 to 54L-DR124
Mujica, SalvadorChesterton, IN56Men 55 to 59XL164
Noggle, RbeccaWarsaw, IN28Women 25 to 29S175
Osborne, CorrieManchester, IN17Women 15 to 17M-DR109
Ostrom, DianaWarsaw, IN53Women 50 to 54XL-DR111
Peckinpaugh, KarenWest Lafayette, IN40Women 40 to 44L138
Petersen, ZinaidaMishawaka, IN24Women 20 to 24M176
Pignotti, MelanieWarsaw, IN34Relay MixedS723
Pignotti, MichaelWarsaw, IN32Relay MixedM723
Pixton, AmyWarsaw, IN28Women 25 to 29S121
Pixton, SethWarsaw, IN28Men 25 to 29L120
Plantz, RonMorocco, IN67Men 65 to 69M-DR155
Ransome, DonWarsaw, IN65Men 65 to 69M-DR106
Robinson, KirkAkron, IN57Men 55 to 59M-DR103
Ryser, CaitlinWinona Lake, IN42Women 40 to 44M122
Savage, SteveWarsaw, IN55Clydesdale MastersXL-DR129
Selman, KelliCumming, GA50Women 50 to 54M-DR110
Shah, RenuChicago, IL31Women 30 to 34S-DR148
Sidara, ChantelIndianapolis, IN25Women 25 to 29S-DR170
Slavich, SusannahColumbia City, IN48Relay - WomenM-DR722
Smith, DougColumbia City, IN71Men 70 to 74M-DR147
Smith, TrentWinona Lake, IN23Men 20 to 24M174
Sommerfield, R.Mishawaka, IN41Men 40 to 44L-DR158
Spieth, LindsayLeo, IN33Women 30 to 34S141
Spieth, ZackLeo, IN36Men 35 to 39L140
Stapel, JulieLa Grange Park, IL45Women 45 to 49XL127
Stapel-kalat, MaxwellLa Grange Park, IL15Men 15 to 17L128
Stevens, JackieFort Wayne, IN54Women 50 to 54L162
Stevens, MarkFort Wayne, IN54Men 50 to 54XL163
Stock, ToddFort Wayne, IN42Men 40 to 44XL-DR179
Stout, MarkLigonier, IN52Kayak Bike RunL130
Sylvester, EmilyFort Wayne, IN41Women 40 to 44S-DR113
Taylor, JordanWakarusa, IN26Men 25 to 29L166
Vestle, AnnCedar Rapids, IA61Women 60 to 64M126
Wagner, CoriFort Wayne, IN35Relay - WomenM722
Wawok, BrianMishawaka, IN33Men 30 to 34L136
Welsh, KaylaSouth Bend, IN25Women 25 to 29M-DR143
Whetstone, HeathWarsaw, IN30Men 30 to 34L159
Wolf, KellyFort Wayne, IN41Women 40 to 44M-DR146

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