Triathlon Registered Participants

City, State
Anderson, ShelbyWarsaw, IN21Women 20 to 24S40
Baker, JoshColumbia City, IN42Men 40 to 44M22
Banning, AmberValparaiso, IN31Women 30 to 34S71
Bell, JustinNappanee, IN33Men 30 to 34L25
Bell, TylerWarsaw, IN30Men 30 to 34M28
Berger, SharlaUpland, IN32Women 30 to 34S38
Bougher, JimFort Wayne, IN52Men 50 to 54L65
Bragan, ChristopherWarsaw, IN41Clydesdale Masters2XL-DR35
Camp, DougGarrett, IN44Men 40 to 44S67
Cira, SarahGranger, IN38Women 35 to 39M56
Dervin, JosephGoshen, IN70Men 70 to 74L30
Drudge, EddieClaypool, IN56Men 55 to 59L-DR1
Edgington, NathanFort Wayne, IN31Men 30 to 34L-DR29
Frantz, TonyFort Wayne, IN41Men 40 to 44L48
Gackenheimer, CoryWarsaw, IN31Men 30 to 34M37
Gackenheimer, MelonieWarsaw, IN31Women 30 to 34S-DR23
Gibbs, CatherineWarsaw, IN14Youth 13/14S-DR52
Gibbs, GretchenWarsaw, IN51Women 50 to 54M-DR46
Gibbs, KyleWarsaw, IN21Men 20 to 24L-DR47
Greenawalt, GregoryBourbon, IN38Men 35 to 39M-DR45
Grossnickle, BruceWinona Lake, IN62Men 60 to 64M-DR61
Guba, Sherri North Judson, IN44Women 40 to 44S24
Hammond, Don Elkhart, IN54Men 50 to 54L9
Hampton, TonyLeo, IN47Men 45 to 49XL-DR49
Harmon, JosephWarsaw, IN38Men 35 to 39M-DR72
Hartman, StaceyFort Wayne, IN35Women 35 to 39S60
Havens, JaronFort Wayne, IN34Men 30 to 34L2
Hemsath, FredSt. Joseph, MI71Men 70 to 74L8
Horoho, AdamWarsaw, IN42Men 40 to 44L-DR64
Houze, AlexenderLeesburg, IN36Men 35 to 39M31
Keirn, DanitaWarsaw, IN44Women 40 to 44M-DR42
Kilpela, ToddClawson, MI40Men 40 to 44XL34
Kueterman, KyleFairmount, IN27Men 25 to 29M-DR33
Luthy, ChadUpland, IN33Men 30 to 34XL-DR20
Martin, DavidFort Wayne, IN46Men 45 to 49XL-DR57
Martin, KimberlyFort Wayne, IN40Men 40 to 44S55
Mcglennen, StevenFort Wayne, IN48Men 45 to 49XL58
Metsker, StephaniePlymouth, IN40Women 40 to 44M-DR32
Miller, JeffWarsaw, IN61Men 60 to 64L-DR43
Mujica, SalvadorChesterton, IN55Men 55 to 59XL10
Noggle, LauraFort Wayne, IN31Women 30 to 34S44
Noggle, RbeccaWarsaw, IN27Women 25 to 29S51
Ostrom, DianaWarsaw, IN52Women 50 to 54L-DR16
Ousley, AudreeHuntington, IN32Women 30 to 34M26
Ousley, ChadHuntington, IN41Men 40 to 44XL27
Pontorno, ChristopherAngola, IN42Women 40 to 44XL-DR15
Pontorno, MichelleAngola, IN49Women 45 to 49M-DR14
Purvis, PatrickWarsaw, IN35Men 35 to 39L-DR21
Randolph, RossSturgis, MI39Men 35 to 39M62
Randolph, SaraSturgis, MI38Women 35 to 39S63
Ransome, DonWarsaw, IN64Men 60 to 64M-DR4
Robinson, KirkAkron, IN56Men 55 to 59M7
Rose, KerryWarsaw, IN55Men 55 to 59L-DR3
Ryser, CaitlinWinona Lake, IN41Women 40 to 44M39
Sakelaris, JohnPorter, IN50Men 50 to 54L54
Savage, SteveWarsaw, IN54Clydesdale MastersXL70
Schlotterback, RhettFort Wayne, IN14Youth 13/14M66
Schlotterback, SamuelFort Wayne, IN11Youth 11/12S68
Sipes, DawnSpencerville, IN43Women 40 to 44M50
Sitcler, GregFort Wayne, IN35Men 35 to 39M-DR19
Sommerfield, R.Mishawaka, IN40Men 40 to 44L-DR59
Sparks, AdamUpland, IN35Men 35 to 39L-DR18
Spieth, LindsayLeo, IN32Women 30 to 34S41
Spieth, ZackLeo, IN35Men 35 to 39M-DR17
Stephan, AmyFort Wayne, IN36Women 35 to 39M69
Sutton, JayCanal Winchester, OH41Men 40 to 44M5
Sutton, JenniferCanal Winchester, OH36Women 35 to 39L6
Walker, Johnny Warsaw, IN26Men 25 to 29M-DR11
Walker, MarkSilver Lake, IN52Men 50 to 54XL73
Weadick, MarshallChicago, IL27Men 25 to 29L12
Weadick, TimGoshen, IN54Men 50 to 54XL-DR13
Worrell, BrendaWarsaw, IN55Women 55 to 59S53
Zimpelman, RoryWarsaw, IN32Men 30 to 34XL36

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