Triathlon Registered Participants

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NOTE: The online registration website is not directly linked to This list is updated every Wednesday or Thursday with both and the mailed in registrations.
LAST UPDATE: June 25, 2015 11:13 am
NameCity, StateAgeGroupShirtBIB
Adamo, JenniferMerrillville, IN43AthenaS470
Adams, StaceyNappanee, IN29Relay MixedS-DR555
Aguilar, MaryFort Wayne, IN35Women 35 to 39M408
Allebach, CraigWarsaw, IN61Men 60 to 64XL-DR278
Allen, LindaWhite Pigeon, MI55Kayak Bike RunL-DR112
Alt, RobertChicago, IL47Men 45 to 49S430
Alyea, JeremyNorthville, MI42Men 40 to 44XL-DR203
Ames, DebraValparaiso, IN57Women 55 to 59S321
Ammeson, BillSt. Joseph, MI58Men 55 to 59L-DR349
Anderson, ShelbyWarsaw, IN22Women 20 to 24S472
Anderson, StaceyWarsaw, IN50Women 50 to 54S471
Anderson, TerryFort Wayne, IN62Men 60 to 64M308
Anglin, AshleyFort Wayne, IN32Women 30 to 34M325
Anspach, GarrettColumbia City, IN15Dropped OutL0
Anthony, DanielleBourbon, IN28Relay - WomenS561
Antoniu, RogerEdwardsburg, MI62Men 60 to 64XL286
Arens, DaveSherwood, OH52Men 50 to 54L307
Asher, ForresterSouth Whitley, IN49Men 45 to 49L-DR153
Ashford, WymanFort Wayne, IN45Men 45 to 49L205
Augustine, AdamClaypool, IN32Men 30 to 34XL-DR297
Augustine, ElizabethClaypool, IN32Women 30 to 34S296
Babb, AustinColumbia City, IN37Men 35 to 39L383
Backs, DonnaElyria, OH56Women 55 to 59M315
Backs, JaredColumbus , OH25Men 25 to 29XL-DR252
Backs, MonicaElyria, OH21Women 20 to 24S314
Baker, BradenColumbia City, IN15Relay - MenS558
Baker, JoshColumbia City, IN43Men 40 to 44M105
Baker, PaulHowe, IN51Men 50 to 54L382
Balos, Danny Niles, MI43Men 40 to 44L507
Barker, AnnWinona Lake, IN42Women 40 to 44L306
Basinger, AdamFort Wayne, IN32Men 30 to 34M207
Bauer, CarlColumbia City, IN32Clydesdale OpenXL-DR401
Bauer, RyanFort Wayne, IN29Men 25 to 29L-DR214
Bazzoni, AnnaWarsaw, IN11Youth 11/12S17
Bazzoni, NicholasWarsaw, IN14Youth 13/14S16
Becker, Jaime Fort Wayne , IN39AthenaL512
Becknell, LukeWarsaw, IN62Kayak Bike RunL-DR226
Beier, JoeFort Wayne, IN51Men 50 to 54XL154
Beier, MaryFort Wayne, IN22Women 20 to 24S279
Bell, JustinNappanee, IN34Men 30 to 34XL145
Bell, TylerWarsaw, IN31Men 30 to 34M101
Bendixen, Nanile'aFalls Church, VA31Women 30 to 34L135
Bennett, JenniferFort Wayne, IN44Women 40 to 44M389
Bergen, BenWarsaw, IN13Youth 13/14S15
Blasius, KatrinaFort Wayne, IN40AthenaM-DR209
Borchers, ThaddeusWinona Lake, IN49Men 45 to 49L305
Bos , AmandaFishers, IN36Women 35 to 39S144
Bougher, JimFort Wayne, IN53Men 50 to 54L178
Boylan, RyanColumbia City, IN31Men 30 to 34L-DR182
Bramlett, ChrisWinona Lake, IN49Men 45 to 49L303
Branneman, BrentNew Paris, IN42Men 40 to 44S500
Branneman, Jay Yorkville, IL38Men 35 to 39M369
Bredemeier, JeffreyFort Wayne, IN31Men 30 to 34M191
Brenn, JackFort Wayne, IN56Men 55 to 59L493
Brock, JacobWarsaw, IN16MyTeam TriumphS490
Buhler, JohnHuntington, IN69Men 65 to 69M-DR268
Burns, DanielWabash, IN46Men 45 to 49L335
Bussberg, Jerry Goshen, IN56Men 55 to 59L119
Camp, DougGarrett, IN45Men 45 to 49S266
Campbell, LydiaWarsaw, IN33Women 30 to 34S185
Canavan, WendySt. Joseph, MI54Women 50 to 54M345
Carlson, GunnarSchererville, IN50Clydesdale MastersXL-DR457
Carmody, BrianHuntertown, IN49Men 45 to 49XL362
Carter, BrianNiles, MI49Men 45 to 49M374
Cartwright, KalenFort Wayne, IN33Relay Mixed2XL560
Cartwright, Robin EFort Wayne, IN35Women 35 to 39S357
Casto, AnthonyFort Wayne, IN47Clydesdale Masters2XL-DR257
Chandler, Kevin DFort Wayne, IN36Men 35 to 39L444
Chandler, MeganFort Wayne, IN34Women 30 to 34S443
Cira, SarahGranger, IN39Women 35 to 39M192
Clarke, KarlaKendalville, IN47Women 45 to 49M116
Cleaveland, MarkUniondale, IN50Clydesdale MastersXL-DR327
Clements, SteveWarsaw, IN55Men 55 to 59XL290
Conley, DarrinWinona Lake, IN47Men 45 to 49L502
Conner, JohnWabash, IN33Men 30 to 34XL-DR235
Cordes, JasonFort Wayne, IN34Men 30 to 34M347
Cory, JohnHammond, IN63Men 60 to 64L236
Cremeens, AbrahamWest Lafayette, IN37Men 35 to 39L-DR255
Crusie, GeneBristol, IN45Men 45 to 49L-DR189
Cusick, EricWinona Lake, IN19Kayak Bike RunM208
Dahlberg, ChrisFort Wayne, IN37Men 35 to 39M469
Darr, CalebBourbon, IN17Men 15 to 17M304
Deboest, JacobWarsaw, IN19Men 18 to 19S-DR293
Delange, Jocelyn Painesville , OH24Women 20 to 24M161
Delange, Todd Painesville , OH26Men 25 to 29L160
Demarest, JamesLeesburg, IN63Men 60 to 64XL-DR328
Deming, IanWinona Lake, IN15Relay - MenM557
Dervin, JosephGoshen, IN71Clydesdale MastersL131
Dippon, NicoleMilford, IN37Relay MixedM-DR564
Dixon, KaleyChelsea, MI23Women 20 to 24M497
Dixon, SaraKalamazoo, MI23Women 20 to 24M367
Dobbins, JoelWinona Lake, IN45Men 45 to 49XL394
Dowe, AllisonIndianapolis, IN29Women 25 to 29S149
Drake, RyanLeesburg, IN26Men 25 to 29L433
Drook, ShellyWarsaw, IN46Women 45 to 49L233
Drudge, EddieClaypool, IN57Men 55 to 59L-DR102
Dunfee, JoeSouth Bend, IN73Men 70 to 74M184
Dyck, DavidMiddlebery, IN40Men 40 to 44XL245
Elliott, BrandonWarsaw, IN20Relay - MenL557
Erekson, CameronBristol, IN53Men 50 to 54L-DR370
Etter, Katie Van Wert, OH21Women 20 to 24M172
Evans, AustinIndianapolis, IN28Men 25 to 29M288
Evans, JustinBoonton, NJ26Men 25 to 29L397
Ewert, ShannaWarsaw, IN37Women 35 to 39M224
Fahl, DouglasColumbia City, IN48Men 45 to 49XL-DR396
Feighner, SpencerFort Wayne, IN34Men 30 to 34XL114
Fenton, Nicholas Chicago, IL29Men 25 to 29M117
Finley, NickWarsaw, IN37Men 35 to 39XL-DR423
Fitzmaurice, JacobColumbia City, IN34Men 30 to 34M-DR260
Flamm, DrewWinona Lake, IN33Men 30 to 34L212
Flores, RubenWinona Lake, IN46Relay - MenL557
Floyd, JosephFort Wayne, IN34Men 30 to 34L269
Frantz, MarkSouth Whitley, IN54Men 50 to 54L-DR277
Freshour, KaleneSilver Lake, IN21Relay - WomenS563
Fuller, DebbieAngola, IN47Women 45 to 49M-DR378
Fussle, GerhardWinona Lake, IN61Men 60 to 64L504
Fussle, SonyaWinona Lake, IN33Relay - WomenS561
Fuze, LizColumbia City, IN51Women 50 to 54L-DR139
Gach, TylerNorfolk, NE25Men 25 to 29M-DR372
Gackenheimer, CoryWarsaw, IN32Men 30 to 34M202
Gackenheimer, JeffreyDanville, IN51Men 50 to 54M368
Gackenheimer, MelonieWarsaw, IN32Women 30 to 34S-DR181
Galliher, Betsy Fort Wayne, IN48Women 45 to 49L241
Garey, BrandonEtna Green , IN28Men 25 to 29XL447
Garr, JeffNiles, MI56Men 55 to 59M186
Gebhardt, EmilyElyria, OH21Women 20 to 24M332
Gehrke, DanWarsaw, IN61Men 60 to 64L337
Geiger, DavonChurubusco, IN21Men 20 to 24M-DR246
Geiger, LandonFort Wayne, IN30Men 30 to 34M-DR137
Geljack, KennethBristol, IN68Men 65 to 69L475
Gentz, KathrynFort Wayne, IN31Women 30 to 34S-DR165
Geswein, ChuckWarsaw, IN56Kayak Bike RunM-DR459
Graney, WillWarsaw, IN14Youth 13/14M11
Greenawalt, GregoryBourbon, IN39Men 35 to 39M-DR180
Griffith, JanetteGoshen, IN39Women 35 to 39S234
Grossnickle, BruceWinona Lake, IN63Men 60 to 64M-DR195
Grubert, Jeremiah Elkhart, IN35Relay MixedL-DR551
Grubert, KatherineElkhart, IN34Relay MixedS-DR551
Guitard, SusanneFort Wayne, IN47Women 45 to 49XL258
Gunn, NathanWakarusa, IN25Men 25 to 29L-DR142
Haines, JesseMishawaka, IN29Men 25 to 29L215
Hammond, Don Elkhart, IN55Men 55 to 59L104
Hamsher, AustinNappanee, IN29Men 25 to 29S-DR350
Hansen, TraceWarsaw, IN43Kayak Bike RunXL390
Harding, BrianValparaiso, IN41Men 40 to 44M-DR392
Harness, MarkManchester, IN30Men 30 to 34M462
Harrington, MattGranger, IN45Men 45 to 49L-DR317
Harris, BradWarsaw, IN51Men 50 to 54XL-DR295
Hart, ThadShipshewana, IN43Men 40 to 44M-DR432
Harter, ThadBluffton, IN25Men 25 to 29M461
Hartman, BradFort Wayne, IN22Men 20 to 24XL206
Hartman, StaceyFort Wayne, IN36Women 35 to 39S150
Hawkins, SherylKendalville, IN32AthenaXL404
Helfrich, AdamSyracuse, IN33Men 30 to 34L167
Helfrich, TonyColumbia City, IN48Clydesdale MastersXL183
Hemsath, FredSt. Joseph, MI72Men 70 to 74L125
Hershberger, JeffGoshen, IN50Men 50 to 54L223
Hershberger, JenaeGoshen, IN22Women 20 to 24S222
Hinton, MichaelIndianapolis, IN48Men 45 to 49L445
Hix, HidiMarion, IN37Women 35 to 39S-DR248
Hodgman, NickFort Wayne, IN57Men 55 to 59XL477
Hoffman, AlexFort Wayne, IN37Men 35 to 39L454
Hoffman, LukeLeo, IN30Men 30 to 34M-DR386
Hoffman, PeggyFort Wayne, IN37Women 35 to 39S455
Holder, VickiFort Wayne, IN38Women 35 to 39S-DR177
Hollar, MeredithWarsaw, IN21Women 20 to 24M171
Homme, SteveWarsaw, IN52Men 50 to 54L156
Hood, ReneeKendalville, IN41AthenaXL474
Hopkins, DanielRockford, IL27Men 25 to 29M201
Houze, AlexenderLeesburg, IN37Men 35 to 39L168
Hummel, RyanSouth Bend, IN18Men 18 to 19M-DR422
Hyde, KenValparaiso, IN65Men 65 to 69M435
Hyde, NathanFort Wayne, IN27Men 25 to 29L134
Hyde, SamanthaFort Wayne, IN28Women 25 to 29S133
Indyk, JessicaWarsaw, IN24Women 20 to 24M-DR376
Jackson, JoeWarsaw, IN17Men 15 to 17L366
Jackson, SandraStevensville, MI68Women 65 to 69S453
Jenkins, GretchenFort Wayne, IN50AthenaL-DR371
Johnson Bussberg, TiffanyGoshen, IN33Women 30 to 34S118
Johnson, AndersFort Wayne, IN70Men 70 to 74L-DR115
Johnson, RachelWarsaw, IN45Women 45 to 49M409
Jones, Aaron Argos, IN31Men 30 to 34L108
Kehler, ChrisWarsaw, IN54Relay MixedXL-DR564
Kempton, TanyaWarsaw, IN55Kayak Bike RunS341
Kennedy, MaureenOsceola, IN48Women 45 to 49M495
Kerlin, CarsonWarsaw, IN12Youth 11/12M19
Kern, RaeAnneHuntington, IN43Women 40 to 44S309
Kern, TrentonHuntington, IN21Men 20 to 24L-DR310
Kerr, Kyle Porter, IN23Men 20 to 24M381
King, GregWabash, IN54Men 50 to 54L244
Kingsbury, BruceFort Wayne, IN57Men 55 to 59L-DR261
Klusman, CindyWinona Lake, IN52Women 50 to 54M499
Knouff, MargWarsaw, IN69Kayak Bike RunS-DR152
Knouff, SteveWarsaw, IN66Men 65 to 69M-DR264
Knuth, KlausGranger, IN39Men 35 to 39M-DR416
Kolton, John J.Warsaw, IN62Relay - MenL559
Kompara, LauraFort Wayne, IN24Women 20 to 24S437
Konkle, SherrieFort Wayne, IN52Women 50 to 54M251
Koos, Michelle Warsaw, IN38Women 35 to 39S263
Kopkey, NickManchester, IN30Men 30 to 34XL464
Koser, JamieWinona Lake, IN27Relay - WomenS561
Krull, HeatherFort Wayne, IN44Women 40 to 44M157
Lahr, RogerLombard, IL58Men 55 to 59L492
Langham, JulieFort Wayne, IN40Kayak Bike RunL132
Larsen, KimFort Wayne, IN54Women 50 to 54M398
Lecey, RebeccaChicago, IL26Women 25 to 29S356
Lett, TerryRochester, IN55Men 55 to 59M505
Lewis, AndrewWinona Lake, IN49Men 45 to 49XL510
Lewis, LizaWinona Lake, IN16Women 15 to 17M511
Lewis, ShariWinona Lake, IN48Women 45 to 49M509
Little, HannahSilver Lake, IN21Relay - WomenM563
Lochner, ChristopherManchester, IN34Clydesdale OpenXL399
Lochner, SarahManchester, IN34Women 30 to 34M-DR400
Long, Alexander South Bend, IN29Men 25 to 29M-DR393
Long, KristenFrankfort, IL40Women 40 to 44S204
Long, MadisonWinona Lake, IN23Women 20 to 24S-DR319
Loraine, WilliamFort Wayne, IN61Men 60 to 64L452
Lower, MatthewElkhart, IN23Men 20 to 24L247
Lowrance, AlanWinona Lake, IN59Men 55 to 59L274
Lowrance, StevenWarsaw, IN29Men 25 to 29M-DR334
Lucas, AustinFremont, IN29Men 25 to 29M173
Lulling, MarkFort Wayne, IN56Men 55 to 59L343
Lureman, MichaelNiles, MI65Men 65 to 69M-DR405
Luther, AllisonWarsaw, IN27Women 25 to 29S259
Macy, BrendenPlainfield, IN27Men 25 to 29M265
Madden, MartinElkhart, IN39Men 35 to 39M465
Marshall, JordanFort Wayne, IN36Men 35 to 39M107
Martin, AndrewGranger, IN33Men 30 to 34L294
Martin, JohnElkhart, IN60Men 60 to 64L501
Mauger, RobbinColumbia City, IN55Women 55 to 59L169
Mcclean, AliciaValparaiso, IN59Women 55 to 59S-DR427
McCollom, BarbWarsaw, IN51Relay - WomenXL556
McCord, AaronGarrett, IN38Clydesdale Open2XL387
Mccoy, KathyAlbion, IN57Relay - WomenL-DR552
McCracken, BradFort Wayne, IN32Men 30 to 34L344
Mcdaniels, JasonRoanoke, IN41Men 40 to 44S123
Mcintosh, BrianNiles, MI37Men 35 to 39M239
McKeague, RobertVilla Park, IL90Men 85 UPM232
Mclellan, BethWautoma, WI51Women 50 to 54M424
Meerzo, JaredWarsaw, IN32Men 30 to 34L194
Meerzo, JessicaHicksville, OH37Women 35 to 39M193
Mendenhall, NicoletteIndianapolis, IN35Women 35 to 39S-DR187
Metzger, MasonSilver Lake, IN16MyTeam TriumphL491
Miller, AllisonWarsaw, IN16Relay - WomenM556
Miller, JeffWarsaw, IN62Men 60 to 64L-DR151
Mills, BradleyRoanoke, IN50Men 50 to 54XL388
Mize, JamesSouth Whitley, IN49Men 45 to 49L282
Mize, KellySouth Whitley, IN53Women 50 to 54M281
Moeller, KarenColumbia City, IN34Women 30 to 34M238
Moon, GretchenFort Wayne, IN42Women 40 to 44M436
Morse, JohnGoshen, IN64Men 60 to 64L299
Moscinski, JeffValparaiso, IN32Men 30 to 34M198
Moyle, ShepRoanoke, IN53Men 50 to 54L-DR124
Mujica, SalvadorChesterton, IN56Men 55 to 59XL164
Murphy, RobertWarsaw, IN21Men 20 to 24M320
Murray, TimothyGoshen, IN29Men 25 to 29M-DR384
Nagel, JerodYpsilanti, MI39Men 35 to 39L359
Nagel, JoelFort Wayne, IN37Men 35 to 39L-DR336
Nagel, JoyFort Wayne, IN33Women 30 to 34M-DR326
Nelson, DavidFort Wayne, IN56Youth 13/14L13
Nelson, JulianFort Wayne, IN17Youth 13/14M14
Nelson, LelandFort Wayne, IN20Kayak Bike RunL351
Nielsen, JonGranger, IN66Relay MixedL-DR554
Nierman, ShannonFort Wayne, IN44Men 40 to 44L301
Noggle, RbeccaWarsaw, IN28Women 25 to 29S175
Nordmann, NicholasBourbon, IN22Men 20 to 24S211
O'Brien, ShawnSouth Bend, IN50Relay - MenL559
Oconnell, PatrickWarsaw, IN46Men 45 to 49M415
Osborne, CorrieManchester, IN17Women 15 to 17M-DR109
Ostrom, DianaWarsaw, IN53Women 50 to 54XL-DR111
Ousley, AudreeHuntington, IN33Women 30 to 34M-DR339
Ousley, ChadHuntington, IN42Men 40 to 44XL-DR340
Ousley, RolandWarsaw, IN41Men 40 to 44L273
Overholser, HillaryGoshen, IN32Women 30 to 34M419
Palumbo, VitoElkhart, IN55Clydesdale MastersXL-DR253
Papagiannis, JimFort Wayne, IN39Clydesdale Open2XL420
Parker, AshleeClaypool, IN35Women 35 to 39S199
Parker, JerrodMenton, IN27Men 25 to 29L380
Patty, JennyColumbia City, IN54Women 50 to 54XL197
Pauley, BillValparaiso, IN80Men 80 to 84L-DR221
Pauley, DirkFort Wayne, IN46Men 45 to 49M-DR442
Paulsson, BobValparaiso, IN53Clydesdale MastersXL353
Peckinpaugh, KarenWest Lafayette, IN40Women 40 to 44L138
Persad, AvinashWarsaw, IN38Men 35 to 39L363
Petersen, ZinaidaMishawaka, IN24Women 20 to 24M176
Phares, ClintAlbion, IN37Men 35 to 39S330
Phares, SaraAlbion, IN37Women 35 to 39S329
Phillips, DouglasMarkle, IN54Men 50 to 54M-DR270
Phillips, HeatherMarkle, IN18Women 18 to 19S-DR272
Phouleuanghong, NouWarsaw, IN64Men 60 to 64L456
Pickett, JimFort Wayne, IN66Men 65 to 69XL311
Pignotti, MelanieWarsaw, IN34Relay MixedS553
Pignotti, MichaelWarsaw, IN32Relay MixedM553
Pixton, AmyWarsaw, IN28Women 25 to 29S121
Pixton, SethWarsaw, IN28Men 25 to 29L120
Plantz, RonMorocco, IN67Men 65 to 69M-DR155
Ponsler, CourtneyLeesburg, IN23Women 20 to 24M434
Ponsler, DeannaSouth Bend, IN54Women 50 to 54M360
Pontorno, ChristopherAngola, IN43Men 40 to 44XL-DR323
Pontorno, MichelleAngola, IN50Women 50 to 54M-DR322
Potsander, Jason Goshen, IN38Men 35 to 39M-DR418
Potter, RachelLake City, MI28Women 25 to 29M280
Potter, SusanWarsaw, IN36Women 35 to 39S352
Powell, DannyGrabill, IN48Men 45 to 49L377
Primmer, JohnMuncie, IN74Men 70 to 74XL498
Pritchard, JasonLaPort, IN35Men 35 to 39???496
Pritchard, JeffWinona Lake, IN54Relay - Men???559
Pritchard, JeromieLaPort, IN35Men 35 to 39S478
Purvis, PatrickWarsaw, IN36Men 35 to 39L463
Rainey, KatelynWarsaw, IN26Women 25 to 29S243
Rainey, ThomasWarsaw, IN26Men 25 to 29M-DR242
Ramsey, JustinNew Haven, IN33Clydesdale OpenXL-DR342
Rang, HollisFort Wayne, IN12Youth 11/12S10
Rang, JoshFort Wayne, IN43Clydesdale MastersXL237
Ransome, DonWarsaw, IN65Men 65 to 69M-DR106
Ray, SarahWarsaw, IN21Women 20 to 24S480
Reddy, MichaelElkhart, IN47Men 45 to 49L200
Reed, HunterColumbia City, IN16Relay - MenL558
Reed, KarenMunster, IN52Women 50 to 54M458
Reed, Rex L.Warsaw, IN74Men 70 to 74L318
Revere, JakeSouth Bend, IN28Relay - MenXL562
Revere, MaxFort Wayne, IN24Relay - MenXL562
Revere, ScottWarsaw, IN51Relay - MenM562
Richards, ColeWarsaw, IN25Men 25 to 29L438
Richards, Eileen Floyds Knobs , IN56Women 55 to 59M439
Richards, Mark Floyds Knobs , IN56Clydesdale MastersL440
Richey, BryceDecatur, IN26Men 25 to 29S379
Riggs, JenniferGranger, IN29Women 25 to 29S216
Rivich, ErinWinona Lake, IN11Youth 11/12S18
Roberts, AndrewColumbia City, IN37Men 35 to 392XL-DR426
Robinson, KirkAkron, IN57Men 55 to 59M-DR103
Romano, JamesColumbia City, IN15Relay - MenM558
Ruckman, ChrisFort Wayne, IN50Men 50 to 54L190
Ryser, CaitlinWinona Lake, IN42Women 40 to 44M122
Sandberg, Kevin Winona Lake, IN45Men 45 to 49XL375
Sanders, BrianAnderson, IN57Men 55 to 59XL479
Sanner, DavidWarsaw, IN38Men 35 to 39M508
Savage, SteveWarsaw, IN55Clydesdale MastersXL-DR129
Sawyer, DouglasWinona Lake, IN65Kayak Bike RunL-DR298
Schackow, BrianFort Wayne, IN39Men 35 to 39XL300
Schenck, MichelleWarsaw, IN41Women 40 to 44M506
Schenkel, ChristopherGranger, IN28Men 25 to 29L354
Schmitt, BrandonWarsaw, IN39Men 35 to 39L-DR395
Scholl, Bobbi Warsaw, IN35Women 35 to 39S219
Schuller, AndyCulver, IN48Men 45 to 49XL312
Scott, LauraPlymouth, IN30Relay MixedS-DR555
Selman, KelliCumming, GA50Women 50 to 54M-DR110
Shaffer, SteveWarsaw, IN57Men 55 to 59XL254
Shaffer, TrevorChicago, IL32Men 30 to 34M355
Shah, RenuChicago, IL31Women 30 to 34S-DR148
Sharp, JeremyWashington, IL30Men 30 to 34M-DR333
Sharp, JesseEvansville, IN25Men 25 to 29M361
Sharp, JordanSyracuse, IN26Men 25 to 29S407
Shilling, DerekSilver Lake, IN38Men 35 to 39L364
Shipley, EmilyLeesburg, IN38Women 35 to 39S196
Shoemaker, KyleMarion, IN37Men 35 to 39XL-DR249
Shrock, Dustyn Kokomo, IN31Men 30 to 34M410
Sidara, ChantelIndianapolis, IN25Women 25 to 29S-DR170
Singrey, ConnorWarsaw, IN21Dropped OutL0
Sitcler, GregFort Wayne, IN36Men 35 to 39M291
Slavich, SusannahColumbia City, IN48Relay - WomenM-DR552
Smith, DougColumbia City, IN71Men 70 to 74M-DR147
Smith, JoshuaFort Wayne, IN36Men 35 to 39M358
Smith, LisaSouth Bend, IN57Women 55 to 59M425
Smith, LucasFort Wayne, IN27Men 25 to 29M316
Smith, MichelleElkhart, IN38Women 35 to 39M467
Smith, TrentWinona Lake, IN23Men 20 to 24M174
Snell, JasonColumbia City, IN32Men 30 to 34L460
Snyder, ToddWinona Lake, IN44Clydesdale Masters2XL413
Sommerfield, R.Mishawaka, IN41Men 40 to 44L-DR158
Sours, JoeMuncie, IN23Men 20 to 24M-DR446
Sparks, AdamUpland, IN36Men 35 to 39L-DR267
Spieth, LindsayLeo, IN33Women 30 to 34S141
Spieth, ZackLeo, IN36Men 35 to 39L140
Spivey, SteveOsceola, IN31Men 30 to 34L417
Springer, AaronFort Wayne, IN35Men 35 to 39L403
Stapel, JulieLa Grange Park, IL45Women 45 to 49XL127
Stapel-kalat, MaxwellLa Grange Park, IL15Men 15 to 17L128
Stephens, RobertSouth Bend, IN65Men 65 to 69XL210
Sterk, RandyWarsaw, IN25Men 25 to 29L-DR365
Stevens, JackieFort Wayne, IN54Women 50 to 54L162
Stevens, MarkFort Wayne, IN54Men 50 to 54XL163
Stock, ToddFort Wayne, IN42Men 40 to 44XL-DR179
Stout, MarkLigonier, IN52Kayak Bike RunL130
Straubel, MichaelValparaiso, IN58Men 55 to 59M391
Strebig, RandyFort Wayne, IN52Men 50 to 54L218
Sulkowski, MichaelGranger, IN44Men 40 to 44M-DR188
Sullivan, Dale L.Logansport, IN74Men 70 to 74L225
Sullivan, PatrickWarsaw, IN52Men 50 to 54M-DR348
Sullivan, Shawn Fort Wayne, IN28Men 25 to 29L476
Sylvester, EmilyFort Wayne, IN41Women 40 to 44S-DR113
Sylvester, KerryFort Wayne, IN47Dropped Out???0
Szynal, JoeyChicago, IL30Men 30 to 34M302
Taylor, JordanWakarusa, IN26Men 25 to 29L166
Taylor, NathanKalamazoo, MI28Men 25 to 29L250
Templeton, BartGoshen, IN43Men 40 to 44XL-DR421
Terrill, LilleManchester, IN22Relay - WomenM563
Teske, MichaelNiles, MI50Men 50 to 542XL-DR227
Tiernon, TedFort Wayne, IN61Men 60 to 64L449
Tolliver, Kyle Denver , IN46Men 45 to 49L-DR448
Truelove, KevinWinona Lake, IN59Men 55 to 59XL313
Tsang, DennisBridgeman, MI41Men 40 to 44S256
Turk, PaulaElkhart, IN57Women 55 to 59M494
Turner, JessicaWinona Lake, IN31Women 30 to 34S338
Tyson, BennettGoshen, IN24Men 20 to 24S-DR385
Ulrey, KaitlynWarsaw, IN14Youth 13/14M12
Vanderford, RandyColumbia City, IN56Men 55 to 59XL229
Vernon, JimNiles, MI59Men 55 to 59XL324
Vestle, AnnCedar Rapids, IA61Women 60 to 64M126
Vinkemeier, StefaniWarsaw, IN45Women 45 to 49L292
Vogel, AndyBluffton, IN54Men 50 to 542XL-DR228
Vongunten, OliviaBerne, IN16Women 15 to 17S414
Wagner, CharlesWarsaw, IN44Men 40 to 44L-DR275
Wagner, CoriFort Wayne, IN35Relay - WomenM552
Wagner, ErinFort Wayne, IN31Relay MixedS560
Wagner, JamesFort Wayne, IN34Relay MixedL560
Waldschmidt, EdwardOsceola, IN28Clydesdale OpenL-DR331
Walker, MarkSilver Lake, IN53Men 50 to 54XL220
Wall, JustinHuntington, IN39Men 35 to 392XL411
Warstler, DeanSyracuse, IN60Men 60 to 64L-DR346
Wawok, BrianMishawaka, IN33Men 30 to 34L136
Wear, BradLigonier, IN32Men 30 to 34M213
Webb, MelindaFort Wayne, IN35Women 35 to 39M441
Weigand, CarolineFort Wayne, IN19Women 18 to 19M285
Weigand, LarryFort Wayne, IN47Men 45 to 49L-DR284
Weigand, RobFort Wayne, IN22Men 20 to 24L289
Welsh, KaylaSouth Bend, IN25Women 25 to 29M-DR143
Wendel, DonaldPlymouth, IN59Relay MixedL-DR555
Wender, RachelFort Wayne, IN31Women 30 to 34M217
Whetstone, HeathWarsaw, IN30Men 30 to 34L159
White, AnnetteWinona Lake, IN51AthenaL428
White, JohnWinona Lake, IN52Men 50 to 54XL-DR429
Wier, JasonMiddlebery, IN42Clydesdale MastersL240
Wildman, SarahWinona Lake, IN34Women 30 to 34S276
Willig, Zachary Naperville, IL20Men 20 to 24L468
Willy, AdrienneIndianapolis, IN28Women 25 to 29S287
Wilson, StephanieChicago, IL43Women 40 to 44S-DR450
Wirtz, DanielleLeo, IN40Women 40 to 44S-DR230
Wirtz, MatthewLeo, IN40Men 40 to 44XL-DR231
Wolf, KellyFort Wayne, IN41Women 40 to 44M-DR146
Wolf, VictoriaSouth Bend, IN37Relay MixedS-DR554
Wood, JosephWarsaw, IN37Men 35 to 39L473
Wood, NicoleWarsaw, IN36Women 35 to 39L466
Yackshaw, Jean AnneSouth Bend, IN61Women 60 to 64S262
Zelt, KyleFort Wayne, IN19Men 18 to 19M-DR271
Zickus, JeffreyAtlanta, GA42Men 40 to 44L373
Ziegert, MarkGranger, IN49Men 45 to 49XL283
Zielinski, SandraSouth Bend, IN55Women 55 to 59S451
Ziker, DavidGranger, IN58Men 55 to 59L402
Zimmer, JenniferZionsville, IN38Women 35 to 39M431
Zimmerman, CameronCrown Point, IN12Youth 11/12S20
Zimmerman, HopeCrown Point, IN16Women 15 to 17S503
Zimpelman, JessicaWarsaw, IN33Women 30 to 34M412
Zimpelman, RoryWarsaw, IN33Men 30 to 34XL406

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